5 Best Features of Modern Phone Systems

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phone systemTechnology has changed the way businesses work. As they expand and grow, staying up to date with the latest and greatest in technology is important for reaching new audiences. Now, you might think we’re referring to social media and online marketing, but phones are no different.

Having a modern phone system can benefit your business more than you think. Here are the 5 best phone system features to boost your business.

System Features

Different providers offer different features. Here are the three best features that are essential to your business’s phone system and success.

  • Auto Attendants: An auto-attendant can reduce wait time for customers and increase office efficiency. When someone calls in, an auto-attendant can greet them and direct their call using programmed choices. The customer is automatically directed to the person best fit to respond to the reason for the call. If you have a higher volume of callers, an auto-attendant can help reduce the customer’s time spent listening to background music.
  • Call Management: Being able to transfer calls and place callers on hold are important features for busy businesses. If someone happens to dial in the wrong extension, connect the caller with the right person by placing them on hold and transferring the call. Call management is essential for businesses that have multiple employees and extensions. Voicemail is a basic necessity and caller ID is sometimes offered as an extra perk with your phone system provider.
  • Conference Calling: Business calls are not two-way streets anymore. More than ever, businesses want to connect multiple people on a single call to reduce miscommunications and increase productivity. Conference calling is a great feature of modern phone systems because you can cut down on travel time and time spent translating conversations from one person to the next. Everyone involved can easily join the conversation from their own desk.

Phone Set Features

Depending on your provider, your phone sets may be simple or complex. However, having these two features can help your employees improve customer service and sales results.

  • Display phones have a small screen that shows information such as the name and extension of an internal caller, the duration of call, and in some cases, caller ID for external calls. If your provider offers caller ID, you’ll want a phone that displays the information. If an employee knows who is calling, they can often provide better customer service by immediately pulling up their CRM program and greeting the caller by name.
  • Having a phone set that offers speaker phone can be a great tool in a conference room. While internal conversations may not need it, if you are in a conference room mulling over a presentation and your meeting members need to get in touch with a partner, speaker phone allows everyone to hear both sides of the conversation. Speaker phone is a great resource for keeping in touch with others while your team is located in one place.

Having the right features is important. It’s also important that these features are easy for employees to learn. Using these functions should be simple as employees won’t want to spend time learning the complexities. From an auto-attendant to speaker phone, look for these five features when making a decision about your business’s phone system.

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