5 Creative Work From Home Business Ideas

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work from homeNow a days, you can find “How to Work from Home” anywhere on the web – and instead of giving real information, they suggest sub-par suggestions that are unrealistic or ineffective. Don’t worry; this is not one of these.

Whereas those posts all fraudulently promise revenues with no effort, I would like to introduce you to five categories of businesses that can be taken on and managed from home with a computer and access to the internet. While it will require some effort, it will also allow you to build a real business.

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1. Cleaning Business

Though it may seem a bit out of your reach, you can actually buy a cleaning business licence from around $700. You’ll set up and run the business, but won’t be doing any cleaning – that would mean leaving the house!

You won’t need to employ people; you will simply be the administrator of the business, finding customers and coordinating contracted cleaners to do the cleaning. If you’re not interested in starting the business from the ground up, consider purchasing a cleaning franchise, as well – this could be a suitable alternative.

2. Travel Agency

As more and more travel agencies are deserting the high street, here is an opportunity to be a travel agent for your local area or for a niche travel segment. As you build up your website, you have 6 possible revenue streams, from flight bookings to affiliate sales for local businesses. $2000 is all you need to get a foot on the ladder.

As with all franchises, there is a full support package to get you going which makes the process a bit more manageable.

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3. Complete Online Surveys

There are a multitude of different companies that want your opinion on any number of subjects, products and services.  Sign up to a variety of different survey companies and you could be earning in no time. Be warned though! There are many dodgy companies doing the same but not paying you for your valued information – often times they offer their products or services in exchange for your surveys.

4.  Start a Mobile Review Business

You can help local businesses flourish in your local area by capturing valuable customer feedback. Companies like ReviewUs develop custom reviews platforms and apps for small shops and restaurants and then work with resellers to attract new businesses to use their service and manage questions and enquiries. The starting investment is $99 per month.

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5. Ironing Service

If you own an iron and ironing board, you can start your own ironing business. Why not launch a Google AdWords campaign and find customers without leaving the house? Checkout 5 Tips for AdWords for Ecommerce Sites to get started.

Ironing is an easy skill to acquire and there are a multitude of YouTube videos for trickier items you might have to iron. Once you have your first few customers, you can offer discounts if they refer a friend. Ironing is a growing business as people’s concept of time well spent is changing.

There are literary thousands of different ways to make money from the comfort of your own home. And hopefully this quick introduction has given you some inspiration for making a living based around your lifestyle. As we stumble into the next decade of work, are you going to be living your life with a dash of work, or working for a living? Be inspired and take a step towards working from home!

Daniel works at Franchise Sales, where he helps potential clients find the best business franchises for their needs. When he’s not at his laptop, he likes nothing more than eating pizza.

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