5 Reasons Customers Hate Your Cheap Phone System

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customers hate your cheap phonesystemWhether you’re a startup or a successful small business, your technology speaks volumes about your company. The NFIB suggests, “By investing in even the most basic technology, you can create a customer service experience that will push your business a step ahead of your competitors.”

And though relying on an old and inexpensive business phone system may save you the money it takes to upgrade, you could end up losing customers, costing you more in the long run. So, why do customers hate your cheap phone system?

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1. They Hate Navigating Your Menu

Phone menus and directories are always prone to bugs, and the more complex they are, the more opportunities there are for your cheap phone system to misdirect a call. Callers can get lost in the phone tree, with no option other than to hang up and (possibly) try again.

  • Customers get frustrated if they can’t find the right option, if the call menu takes too long, or if they aren’t given the opportunity to opt out of the menu and be routed directly to a live agent.

2. They Hate Your Poor Call Quality

Maybe you answer your business phone on the first ring. Maybe you and your employees are proficient at providing excellent customer service to your callers. Maybe you have the most intuitive, easy-to-operate menu available. None of these things matter to your customers – or even have any effect upon them – if your calls are of poor quality.

  • Echoes, speech delays, static, or noise can not only distract customers – it can make you completely unintelligible. If customers have a hard time hearing and understanding you on account of poor call quality, the best customer service skills can’t make that caller happy.
  • Poor call quality can be caused by cheap, obsolete, or damaged equipment. It can also be symptomatic of a cheap phone service provider. If good call quality is not guaranteed in your service level agreement (SLA) – or if your vendor does not provide an SLA – then it may be time to switch to a different service.

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3. They Hate Your Lack of Features

Phone systems can come with a variety of features, from the basic to the complex. Depending on your business’s functions and needs, you may never use certain features in your phone system. You may also be lacking a specific feature that could make life easier for both you and your customers. Consider your current system and determine whether your current array of features is sufficient for your needs.

  • You may need a directory if your customers must constantly ask your receptionist for a specific extension.
  • You may need call parking, call transfer, or call forwarding if your employees are mobile and can’t always be reached at their desk.

4. They Hate Calling at Peak Times

Customers hate waiting on hold, and the longer they wait, the more likely they are to disconnect the call or end up dissatisfied with your business’s customer service. There are times when your business experiences a high volume of incoming or outgoing calls.

If that volume causes congestion in your phone system, causes long wait times, or results in a higher percentage of dropped calls or lost messages, your customers won’t be happy.

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5. They Hate Your IVR

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems, when structured correctly, can decrease customer wait times and provide solutions for many types of calls without the need for a live agent. That saves your business money. However, it won’t save money if all of your customers choose to opt out of your IVR.

  • According to a study from Teletech, 17% of customers dislike using IVR because “it doesn’t understand what I say.” If you are utilizing cheap or poor-quality IVR software, that can have a negative effect on your customer service.

Regularly assess your phone to determine whether it is performing well or alienating callers. Upgrading to a better system may be the only way to reduce the number of customers who hate calling your business.

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