5 Reasons That Keep Internet Marketers Poor

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In its basic form, the job of an Internet marketer is ultimately to make money. With the huge array of ways to make money online, this can actually be one of the biggest distractions and will keep your PayPal or merchant account statement dormant for months on end. Here I’m going to give you five reasons that keep many Internet marketers poor.

1. Looking To Earn Fast Cash

I’m not going to try and hide this fact but I’ve spent lots of money and wasted hours looking through books and Internet marketing training guides that basically, didn’t work. I’m sure most people have received emails from others that claim to reveal the secrets to successful Internet marketing and a quick roads to online success. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fire way for you to make large amounts of money on the Internet without considerable amount of work. This means when you find something you feel confident about, stay focused and do not be distracted by pipe dreams of immediate bags of cash through the click of a button.

2. Tapping Into Saturated Markets

When I first started out on the Internet I was naturally drawn to the biggest markets that I thought would make me lots of money. Perhaps one of the biggest markets out there is actually the money making niche; but if you consider some of the huge companies out there who sometimes hire hundreds of employees who are given the sole responsibility of marketing one particular product, your competition is extremely fierce. What you need to actually do is look for a market that is in fact untapped and this can be a skill in itself.

3. Working With Small Sums of Money

There are ways to make small amounts of money and I myself dabbled with a few dollars here and there in the hope that I could multiply these dollars and make a considerable income. The unfortunate truth is that when considering the majority of the money will pass through merchant accounts and take service fees, by the time you add up the one dollar here and two dollars there, you end up back to square one.

4. Foolish Investments

When you start out on the Internet you do actually need to make investments if you are ever to see a considerable return. The problem with making investments is that you need to make the right investments so be careful with what you purchase and make sure it directly relates to the way you seek to make money.

5. Giving Up

I know this sounds obvious but if you give up too early, you probably didn’t reach your full potential. On the other hand, if you have been at Internet marketing for years and still never made a single dollar, then the chances are that you are doing something wrong. Make sure you focus and once you see even a little bit of return, this is the point in which you must drive things forward.

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This is a Guest Post By: David Walker is an internet marketer who blogs about how to make money online, something he has done successfully since March 2006. He wants to help as many people as possible do the same. You can access his free training at his blog.

One thought on “5 Reasons That Keep Internet Marketers Poor

  1. avatarAurelius

    Great post! I agree in #1. “Looking To Earn Fast Cash” is one basic reason why some of the internet marketers became poor, they want their money to grow immediately. It takes time to achieve everything. They must wait for it.

    Slowly but surely. :)

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