5 Reasons Why You Should Go Green this Halloween Season

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So your son is excited to dress up in his iron man costume, your daughter can’t wait to be Cinderella, and even your dog is ready to sport some angel wings for the big holiday. If you’re like me and you have a house full of trick-or-treaters, your employees are bound to ask you that dreaded question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

If dressing up is not your cup of tea, your answer no longer has to sound so boring. Consider giving your entire company a make-over and go as “green” this October. Companies need to work together to help save the planet, and going green is the best way to make this happen. Running a business can be extremely stressful and time consuming, so worrying about the planet may not be your first priority; however, going green is actually very simple. Consider a few of the ways your company can help the green movement:

  • Turn off all equipment when not in use (lights, computers at the end of the day, etc.)
  • Buy office furniture and supplies made from recycled materials
  • Encourage employees to take public transportation
  • Work only with vendors who have green policies. Believe it or not, most vendors will have some sort of green initiative, so you should have plenty of choices.
  • Encourage email over fax, save files on the computer, and always create double sided documents.

By changing your daily habits slightly, your office will make a big difference when it comes to saving the planet. If you are not convinced that going green in your office will make any difference; then consider a few of the things going green will do for you personally:

Why Orange is Out and Green is in this October

1. Good Marketing Opportunity—Connecting the color green with the colors of the current holiday is a great way to jump-start a marketing campaign. You can use catchy phrases to grab a customers’ attention, and then explain that your company is working to help save the planet. With the green movement in full swing, customers and potential customers are now aware that the planet needs our help. If you’re doing your part, your company will look more appealing to a larger number of people.

2. Save Money—Conserving energy will help your company save money on those electric bills each month. According to a recent study by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy, Americans are wasting $2.8 billion and 20 tons of CO2 per year simply because they do not shut down their computers at the end of each day.

3. Organization Will Improve—You will find that companies with large filling cabinets of papers have a difficult time finding what they need as well as figuring out where to store the large amount of files. A company who primarily uses email will save both space and time, making organization much simpler.

4. Another Personal Accomplishment—Having a primarily green company is yet another accomplishment you can add to your company resume. You will feel a sense of pride knowing that you are doing your part to help the environment (and no one has to know how easy it really was).

5. Improved Employee Morale—Going green will likely help motivate your employees and help their efficiency at work because of the reasons described above. Your employees will also have a sense of pride, organization will help the office become more enjoyable, a sales department will be able to use the green idea to draw in customers, and natural light will help keep employees awake and ready to work.

Businesses all across the country are beginning to support the green movement, and a big reason is because it is so simply. If all businesses would take the extra 30 seconds to turn off their computers or shut off the lights, both the planet as well as those individual businesses would benefit greatly. And if you ask me, being green for Halloween is about as close as you can get to being as cool as Iron Man or Cinderella.

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