5 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Retail Kiosk

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Small Retail Store Tip KioskA retail kiosk is a regular feature of modern retail settings. It has the potential to boost sales and increase customer engagement, as your customer is given access to an enhanced shopping experience and able to avoid complex buying decisions. Before you implement a kiosk in your business, take time to consider the following factors.

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1.     Remember: This is an extension of your business

An interactive kiosk is an extension of your retail business’ overall aims and efforts. However, many business owners fail to consider this vital concept, leading to under-optimisation of the technology and a reduced return on investment. It is important that you optimise the kiosk to maintain a clear brand image that fits in with your other marketing efforts. Any divide within brand marketing can otherwise leave customers confused and underwhelmed. Also, though you as a business owner will be trying to save on costs where possible, it is important that you do not risk the success of a retail unit by taking shortcuts on all costs.

2.     Determine the level of functionality required

It is up to you to determine the functional needs of your retail unit and to consider the needs of customer and employee users. If you are unsure about the level of functionality that you require from a retail kiosk, the following questions can help:

  • Is the retail kiosk going to provide relevant information about particular aspects of your business?
  • Is the customer going to browse a business catalogue and make transactions without employee assistance?
  • Can transactions be completed immediately or will subsequent verification and purchase be required?

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3.     Remember: A poor user interface can lead to lost business

Quality is vital if a retail kiosk is going to have a positive effect on your business’ sales and growth. To ensure poor user interface does not hinder return on investment, you should select a retail kiosk that is appropriate to your customers and employees. Always start with a user-centric approach and monitor future successes and failures.

4.     Reliability, availability and future proofing

If you are going to invest in a retail kiosk then you need to consider the finer details, namely reliability, availability and future proofing. In order to protect the interests of your business make sure to answer the following questions:

  • How is your business going to handle downtime? Who will be responsible for repairs and maintenance?
  • Have you considered the conditions of the environment in which the kiosk will be situated? For example, adverse lighting conditions can impact visibility.
  • How robust does the technology need to be? Will it need to accommodate a high volume of touch uses?
  • What about scalability and the ability to add additional kiosks or add-ons? Don’t let this be an afterthought.

5.     Location is the path to success or failure

Location is an important aspect in the decision making process and will ultimately impact the bottom line. Foremost among your priorities must be to choose a high-traffic area where customers will have time to pause and interact with the technology and products. Such a location can be identified by analysing potential customer reach and the ability to promote a positive user experience. Though you may generate more impressions, a busy location could hinder customer engagement.

One route that can prove beneficial for retail owners is investing in a portable merchandising unit. This gives you the opportunity to analyse different locations and means that you can make decisions based on your retail business’ specific environment.

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As a retail owner, you are competing in an increasingly competitive market and must distinguish yourself from the crowd. Investing in a retail unit is one way to gain a competitive edge, but it must be preceded by thorough analyses and have a fit with your business’ needs.

Author Bio: This is a guest article by Rob Anders, the chief executive of andersDX, a division of Anders Electronics plc, which specialises in User Interface technology aimed at enhancing the display Xperience (DX) of retail, industrial and other non-consumer applications.

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