5 Tips For Improving B2B Blogging Visibility

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Getting your businesses blog noticed by other members within your industry isn’t as easy it may seem.  A blog can facilitate online visibility and bring in targeted visitors to your website; regardless if you are blogging for SEO, PR, or thought leadership, you can’t deny the powers of a blog. According to Lee Odden Research, “87.4% of respondents said they “successfully increased measurable SEO objectives as a direct result of blogging; and another 90% cited blogging as either important, significantly important or a primary SEO tactic.”

We all wish the recipe for success was as simple as Blog–>Tweet–>Rinse–>Repeat, but when it comes down to it, there is a higher level strategy that can help your blog engage with a community.

Actionable, Engaging Content
Making your blog actionable and informational should be a long term strategy. Opinion pieces are great, but they should only spice up your research and information. From an end user perspective, people who learned something valuable will more likely share it. Sharing creates a trickle down effect for your blog. Don’t kill yourself trying to share a post everyday, if you don’t have something valuable say wait until you do.

Promote, Promote, Promote
Promoting your blog today is easier than it has ever been. Automated blog feeds that share content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook should be set up. Take a story from Smart Marketing Strategy, who boosted traffic 526% with a blog that reposted content, “automatically on LinkedIn and Facebook and I tweeted every post on Twitter. That strategy has paid off. LinkedIn referrals to my site are up 825% and Twitter referrals shot through the roof: a 2,933% increase. Google referrals also are up 500%” There is a mutually beneficial relationship between a blog and social media channels; if you disseminate valuable information you build a following. However, heed with caution, the opposite can be true with low quality content.

Guest Blogging
Reaching out to other industry leaders and guest blogging on their sites, or vice versa having guest bloggers on your site shows that you are respected in an industry. It will help you draw in more readers because guest blogging opens the doors to new Twitter loyalists, as your guest bloggers will likely have a different social media following. Sites like MyBlogGuest give you the ability to interact with a community of bloggers that delve in to similar niche topics.

It really almost is as simple as that. It almost pains me to read articles that have no pictures these days. Make sure your picture stands out and demonstrates value. According to Marketing Experiments, “we should choose images because they say something about the value of our offer. So, if you use a stock image of a smiling lady, make sure it is communicating value. If you use a picture of a middle-aged balding CPA, make sure it is communicating value. It really doesn’t matter where your images come from, so long as they communicate relevant value.”

Try. Fail. Try. Succeed. Repeat
A lot of blogging is knowing what works and what doesn’t. It is about understanding who is reading your blog, what they are looking for and how to give them what they want. Use Google Analytics to understand which blogs were read the most and for the longest time. Strategically writing your blog is a crucial step in the process of professionalizing your business. If one of your blog posts gets 10 comments and all the rest of your posts struggle to get 1, find out what made that blog unique and exciting for readers. Try it again and again until you can perfect a method for success.

A successful blog can’t happen overnight, but knowing how to set up a platform for success will give you a better chance of creating a following.

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips For Improving B2B Blogging Visibility

  1. avatarLouis Shalako

    Oh, yeah, you are so right. Google analytics don’t lie. There are times when I wonder why traffic from Iran? Or the Phillipines? Why Russia or the Far East? If your only traffic comes from people you grew up with or went to school with, then you really haven’t been working too hard. What stuns me is the people with a million followers–I think you already had to be famous for that to happen, or you must be saying something incredibly relevant and useful.
    Or maybe not, in the case of Charlie Sheen.

  2. avatarjulie desiree

    I do agree totally that the content should be engaging and informative. There really is nothing worse to me than to find and article that absolutely makes no sence. I am not saying dumb it down or anything, but if I cant understand what you are saying, then the article is useless to me. Thanks for the informative article. I for one, appreciate it.

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