5 Tips for Improving Your Call Center

Posted by on June 17, 2013 in Business Management [ 4 Comments ]

Call Center SupportHaving an effective call center can be the key to success for specific businesses. Unfortunately, some call centers are stuck in the past of automated scripts, long waits on hold, and impersonal communication.

Your call center is the main point of interaction between your company and its customers, so it is important that your call center and its agents be as effective as possible at increasing sales and providing quality customer service.

These five tips will help your business to either build an effective call center, or help you to improve your existing one that might not be as effective as it could be.

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Make it Personal

You would think that this would be the most obvious tip for a call center, but it is an important one that businesses commonly overlook. Hiring call center agents who are comfortable on the phone and can speak easily and informatively without a script is tougher than you might think, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

  • Lose the script and allow your call agents a certain amount of freedom in their conversations, and the customer will naturally feel more at ease and will be much more likely to listen.
  • Get your reps to smile when they talk, which will create a friendly tone in their voice, and be sure that they warmly greet and send off your customers.

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Use Social Media

Using the internet as a means of communication between your business and their customers is a great way to get more questions answered in less amount of time. Using social media is great tool for providing instant customer support.

  • Live chat allows you to extend your support center past regular business hours with relatively little effort. This is good for customers who may be in different time zones, or prefer internet communication in general.
  • Providing a customer service email allows your company to answer questions that might not be as time-sensitive as ones over the phone. Be sure that customer emails are not overlooked, however, and make sure you respond in a timely manner.


Use your call center agents to their full potential. Many are trained in a variety of skills including scheduling, lead generation and website support. Train your call center representative to generate leads as they’re taking calls throughout the day to increase you sales. Allowing your agents to take a certain amount of risks could pay off greatly in the long run- just be sure that they maintain the quality of your services while doing so.

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Get To Know Your Team

Call center are all about open communication- so be sure that as a business owner you are also open and available to your team. Spending time interacting and communicating with them will promote a relaxed atmosphere that will reflect in the quality of their calls.

  • Be sure to visit the office and spend time observing and interacting with them. Make sure you maintain a friendly demeanor to prevent them from feeling uncomfortable.
  • Ask their input. If they feel like certain pitches are not working with their customers, listen to what your agents have to say about the overall quality of their conversations or trends they might be noticing.

Monitor Effectiveness

It’s important to evaluate you call center regularly for possible areas for improvement. An unattended call center usually becomes stagnant and prevents growth. Monitor your best calling methods and seek to improve your call center at every opportunity. Using metrics to keep track of your call centers effectiveness is also a good way of spotting trends.  Seek to generate more leads at a time and at the same time maintain positive relationships with your loyal customers.

Make sure that your call center is being as effective as possible in increasing your company’s sales and revenue. Maintaining a personal relationship with your customers can benefit your company’s reputation and help you to stand out against your competitors. Having an effective call center can make all the difference when it comes to making sales and providing your customer with quality support.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Improving Your Call Center

  1. avatarSaurabh Khetrapal

    “Lose the script and allow your call agents a certain amount of freedom in their conversations”

    Sometimes scripts ties an agents’ hands behind their back, actually limiting how effective they can be on the phone. Yes, you want your agents to know what they should do in various interactions but you have to give them the room to move off-script as needed.

  2. avatarErica Bell

    Hi Saurabh,
    Thanks for reading! We agree with your point – agents need some flexibility.

    – Erica

  3. avatarMike Loshe

    Thanks for the share. This is something that everyone in the call center outsourcing service industry should read. I really liked your point “Use Social Media”, I definitely think it needs to be used more throughout the industry.

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