5 Tips to Attract More Clients to Your Website

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business website SEOWhether you have created your website to represent an enterprise, for e-commerce purpose or even to tell the world about your new startup, it’s important that your customers and clients are getting to it and finding value in it.

Everybody knows that any business needs to be optimized properly to become customer-friendly, and so does your business website. Consider these tips to usher customers your way and get long-awaited, new leads as well.

Press Release 

Many companies overlook this great opportunity to shed light on their business. If you have something newsworthy, let the press know about it. Get this information to all the right people, and see earned attention in return. Be sure to consider a variety of sites that can get your press release out to the masses.

Enable Subscriptions

If someone interested in new blog posts, products or services, it’s likely that they’ll want it delivered directly to them. Subscriptions give you an opportunity to earn regular visitors which in turn, increases your overall traffic and word of mouth opportunities.

You may want to write a newsletter encouraging visitors to visit your site and sign up or it. Make sure each of these call to actions have a title and specific purpose.

Quality and Interesting Content

Before you begin to fill your website with content you want to make sure it will be welcomed by your target audience. Follow some recommendations when writing articles:

  • Pick attractive topics
  • Keep length in mind: not too long but informative
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Make text user-friendly (background and text colors should be compatible)

Classified Ads

There are a variety of free classified or directory sites your website can benefit from. However, keep in mind that not only should the site be high quality, but your profile and links to your site need to be correct and working. If you know html code you can post it by yourself, otherwise ask a webmaster to do it.


Natural links make Google happy – and you want Google to be happy when it comes to your site. This is one of the most reliable ways to make your site search engine-friendly. But how do you get them? There are some simple ways to earn links honestly:

  • Guest posts – There are likely plenty of websites in your niche which welcome guest posts. Reach out and be genuine to get the answer you want.
  • Spreading the information in social networks
  • Reciprocal links – Find related websites that are willing to put your link on their site to yours. It’s not difficult and adds an additional vote of confidence to your website.

There are plenty of ways to attract customer and clients to your website. As search engines become more serious about providing quality search results, it’s important that you take part in in white hat tactics for gaining more traffic and ranking higher as a result.

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