5 Unique Ways To Use Twitter

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5 unique ways to use twitterSmall businesses use the Twitter platform in all kinds of ways. Twitter occupies a particular niche in social media, because of the extremely short-form nature of this platform, where posts need to be under 140 characters. So how can you use Twitter in ways that will serve an emerging business, in creative ways that allow you to do more with this kind of social media integration?

1) See Where Your ‘Brand Influencers’ Are

In modern marketing, strategists have identified the practice of spotting ‘influencers’ or unusual customers with a lot of enthusiasm, and some clout in the circles in which they move. Twitter can allow you to find these individuals and target them – in many ways, Twitter can be the new (and improved) ‘mailing list’ for a business, taking that enterprise out of its traditional context and putting it directly in touch with those it serves. This article from Blue Cloud Solutions goes into some details about how to create “two-way conversations” with key customers in order to promote a small business.

2) Filter Twitter Into Analytics

Each business is going to have its own analytics strategy and process. Find unique and interesting ways to input Twitter data and Tweets into an analytics machine to get more business intelligence out.

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All-in-one social platform tools like SocialBro, Hootsuite, and Buffer allow you to manage your posts across all platforms and analyze every single post.

3) Use Twitter For Customer Service Or Customer Support

The Twitter platform really isn’t meant to be used for real-time communications, but some business experts have promoted the idea that you can respond to your customers with tweets instead of through the usual call queuing or other kinds of established communications. According to Local Vox, Twitter’s inherent streamlined nature allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to customers.  Questions that require simple answers like prices, times, and locations of events really don’t require more than 140 characters. In short, Twitter cuts the fat.

4) Broadcast Events – Show Yourself!

There are also numerous ways you can use Twitter to promote local events or show customers where your business is located (if it’s on the move). Tweet from job fairs, conferences, pop-up retail locations, temporary marketplaces and other areas where your readers might not expect you to appear. You might be surprised at how many people stop by to say hello.

For example, check out this New York Times coverage of a small-time dessert vendor and how he ended up attracting thousands of digital followers who want to find out where his cart is.

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5) Run a Contest

Running a contest is a fantastic way to build brand awareness, garner new followers, and strengthen already established Twitter relationships. Platforms like Wishpond make running a Twitter contest surprisingly easy. From simple sweepstakes, to user-generated photo contests, to essay submissions, a Twitter contest is something to invest in. And the great thing? You really don’t need to offer a bank-breaking grand prize to the winner. You can simply offer one of your products or services. Just remember that people love free and often are already searching the social sphere for discounts and coupons to begin with.

The above are just a few ways to use the Twitter platform in new and interesting ways. Rather than maintaining the old ‘vanilla strategies’ that simply help businesses to plod along, do something new with this common platform and watch your business benefit from its social media initiative.

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