5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Save Your Business Money

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Fleet TrackingIf your business uses a large fleet of vehicles to make deliveries, transport materials, or provide transportation, you could be feeling the sting of rising gas prices. Add on the cost of insurance, driver training, and maintenance, and operating a fleet of vehicles can get even more expensive.

Luckily, the latest GPS tracking software includes some interesting tools that can actually end up saving your business a considerable amount of money. Even though the virtual world is shrinking, the physical world is not- and deliveries need to be made in order to keep your business growing.

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Route Guidance

One of the most effective ways that GPS tracking systems can end up saving you money is using their efficient routing guides. GPS tracking can update traffic conditions in real time and can help your drivers avoid heavy-traffic areas that will waste precious gas.

  • Route tracking will also help you to determine which routes are more gas-efficient, or which have fewer traffic lights.
  • Having your drivers take the quickest routes will likely increase delivery time and therefore customer satisfaction- which will likely lead to more business.

Idling Reporting

Though your drivers spend a lot of time driving, they also naturally spend a lot of time idling. The EPA configured that idling (running the engine without moving) can waste anywhere form a quarter to a half a gallon of gas per hour. Your drivers could be idling in traffic, at stop lights, while taking breaks, on detours, and much more. The latest GPS systems can measure you overall idle time as well as your most recent gas mileage.

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Driver Supervision

The overall quality of your drivers could be costing you money you aren’t even aware of. Even if you hire drivers with spotless records and professional demeanor, you never know how they will perform on the job once they are sent away in your vehicle.

  • GPS tracking allows you to monitor your driver’s position, to see if they are purposely taking longer routes or spending excessive amount of time on break. If you see that a few of your drivers are falling behind in their delivery time or driving practices, they might be costing your business money.

Speeding Alerts

GPS tracking can help you to avoid costly speeding tickets or help prevent accidents by altering you when your drivers are speeding over a let limit. Some GPSs allow you to set automatic alerts that will notify you when they are 5 or 10mph over the limit. Though speeding may help you make deliveries quicker, it also puts your driver and cargo at risk and you could end up facing a damaging lawsuit or expensive ticket.

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Accident and Theft Reporting

The final way that GPS systems can end up saving your business money is that they can be used to report accidents or thefts instantly. In the event of an accident, your GPS can be used to calculate important information that could be vital in proving a drivers’ innocence for an insurance claim. If your vehicle or cargo is stolen while on the road, your GPS will allow you to pinpoint your vehicle’s location and perhaps even bring the culprit to justice.

Having GPS tracking for your vehicle fleet can also save you up to 35% on your insurance premiums. The cost of installation and equipment is usually recovered after the first year of use, and the money-saving benefits extend far beyond that.

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