5 Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages for 2013

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landing pagesIn the coming year, the visitor experience created by your company’s landing page may lead to an increase in conversion rates, but it may also be what’s holding you back. Your landing page needs to be clear, aesthetically pleasing, and optimized to draw the viewer in and convert to customer.

Besides following general design practices, there are a few ways you can keep your landing page up to date with the latest design trends and keep those conversion rates climbing.

Make it Social

As with most areas of business, one of the newest ways to keep your company up to date is by incorporating social. A study by IDG found that 44% of consumers said that exposure to technology products in social media positively affects their likelihood of purchase.

  • Provide social icons, both to share and to navigate to those pages.
  • Incorporating customer reviews, comment boxes, videos will give your customers more to interact with outside of the product/service itself.

Make it Interactive

People love to interact; and it’s a smart way to keep your users and/or customers engaged. Use interactive graphics or modules to either entertain your visitors or provide them with more information- two tactics that can both lead to more conversions.

  • “On page” content expansion such as mouse roll-overs, lightbox content (pop-up boxes that shadow the rest of the page) or accordion and tabbed content can provide the viewer with more information about your service without directing them to a separate page.
  • Rotate your featured pictures or images to keep your content looking fresh and different each time they visit.
  • Include polls in your sidebars, and show the results after each person votes.

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Make it Relevant

Relevancy and personalization are becoming important aspects of business marketing because it’s what customers are beginning to expect in 2013. Make sure your content is as relevant as possible, and try to reach out to your landing page visitor on a personal level.

  • Right off the bat, ask your visitor where they are based. Using localized versions of your page increases specificity and makes the viewer feel as if you are catering to their needs. On the following modules, adjust content, pictures, or even the language to be more relevant.
  • Adjusting your landing page seasonally or to fit holidays is a great way to keep your page up to date.

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Make it Easy to Use

Asking to fill out multiple boxes at a time can be a conversion barrier; your customers feel bombarded and overwhelmed. Kissmetrics.com suggests, “Generally, you want visitors to ease into your product with as little resistance as possible. More importantly you want to catapult them into enjoying their experience quickly.” There are a number of ways you can do this.

  • Use multi-step forms on your landing page and only show a couple boxes at a time. This way, as they gradually submit, you can tailor your page according to their information and ask them for a small amount of info with each step.

Branching conversion steps like this allows them to feel as if they’re being guided along the process, and not being rushed into something.

Make it Mobile

Most webpages will be incorporating mobile compatibility in 2013, and your landing pages should do the same. Mobile sales are projected to quadruple by 2015, and with one in three US adults owning a smartphone, it’s important to tap into this market. However, be sure to consider mobile best practices – a standard website will be incorrectly sized and difficult to navigate.

  • Make sure the “register now” button is easy as possible to find and navigation pages are simple.
  • Advertise with QR codes that, when scanned, direct the potential customer directly to your mobile-friendly landing page.
  • Consider incorporating responsive design, which will allow your pages to be affective regardless of the device.

Landing pages are important to your website, and should be optimized for the most conversions. However, digital trends continue to progress in areas of personalization, interaction, and mobility, and so it’s essential that your landing pages reflect what your customers want and have come to expect as the New Year gets started.

Photo credit: smallbiztrends.com

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