5 Ways to Keep Focused On Your Entrepreneurial Dream

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The first few months of starting your own business can be a bit uncomfortable; comparable to a baby’s first steps or swinging a golf club for the first time. There are going to be mistakes, inefficiencies and unexpected curveballs. However, successful startups are able to circumvent operational ineffectiveness and learn from them.

For one man startups, you are the head honcho. You only answer to you. This can be a wonderful thing for people who roll out of bed ready to tackle the world. However, for the average entrepreneur, being able to schedule time to stay focused on the startup can become a task in itself. Here are five ways to get your entrepreneurial dream going in the right direction.


1. Get in a Routine

Getting into a routine is one of the best ways to consistently crank out work.If you are working 9-5, schedule an hour before work to plan and organize your tasks for after work. Maybe make it a habit to continue working till, say 8? Try to get on a balanced routine of day job work, exercise, startup work, sleep. Keeping a clear head and balanced lifestyle improves your efficiency, but forming your startup work into habit helps you get stuff done when you don’t want to.

2. Find Your “Spot”

Finding your secret spot to work at when you don’t have an office, decreases distractions, increases the time you spend on your startup, and overall, helps separate your personal life and your entrepreneurial dream.

A secret spot can be a public library, or it can be a crowded hotel lobby. If a certain atmosphere helps you clear your head, form it in your routine to work from there. I’ve found that working from home is virtually useless for many people.

There are too many distractions, and many can never fully slip into a work mindset in the comfort of their home. Instead, try these secret spots:

  • The beach, at night– The sound of the ocean is one of the most calming places to work. If you need Internet, Google “How to tether [Your phone] to [Your computer]” There are ways to get Internet access anywhere for free, if you are creative.
  • Hotel Lobby– Hotels typically have free Internet and a warm ambiance. The hustle and bustle of working from a hotel can spark some creative juices.
  • Your Car- Sometimes a creative spark hits you like a baseball in 1998, hitting the bat of Mark McGwire . You can’t escape this fervent idea, grab your laptop and drive to a place with free WiFi. Working from your car can actually be a great, controlled atmosphere.

3. Learn to Walk Before Running

You should learn to handle day-to-day tasks before getting overwhelmed with the big picture. Startups need a “grind it out” approach, not a “strategy approach.” Know who your business is, and produce hard material for your business (sales collateral, payroll reports, web copy). Most executives are great at steering the ship, but it’s the ones who can roll up their sleeves and take necessary steps to get the ship in the water that are able to benefit later. Simplify your daily tasks.

4. Craft Your Pitch

Okay, in 30 seconds, tell me what about your business? Crafting an elevator pitch for your business will not only help you in the event of potential investors; but it will be a backbone for non-strategic business decisions.

Many startups really don’t know who they are. Locking down a paragraph of how you will sell your business, guides the ship. Often times, long and jargoned business plans will emphasize every element of a business. This can confuse you, as an entrepreneur on to where your businesses value proposition lies.

5. Take a Vacation

Finally, some time for you. If you are burning the wick at both ends, take a step back. The easiest way to kill the quality and integrity of your startup is to not give 100%.

A vacation will help you look at your business from a different perspective. Being able to ask different questions about your business can keep you prepared for future.

There are many different ways to keep your life, work, and startup on track. Learning to balance your priorities and responsibilities is important for the success of your entrepreneurial endeavors. However, if you are able to find your sweet spot, lock down your elevator pitch and get in a routine; you can keep your business going in the right direction.

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