5 Ways to Learn About Business Finance Without Getting a Degree

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5 Ways to Learn About Business Finance Without Getting a Degree
In today’s world of technology and instant information, learning about any subject isn’t impossible — this includes the seemingly opaque world finance. Sure, going to college and earning a piece of paper that proves your financial foundation is always an option, but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on tuition to become the next financial guru.

With that said, here are five ways to learn about finance without getting a degree from an expensive institution.

Read a Clear, Concise Introductory Book on Finance

Before you dive deeper, familiarize yourself with and study the introductory concepts of it. Finance isn’t as easy as adding and subtracting a few numbers. It’s a complex system that takes time to comprehend in its fullest capacity. The Richest Man in Babylon is a little book that packs a big punch, and it’s written in a style that’s easy to understand (Tweet This Book!). Even for neophytes, it offers wisdom of the ages.

Once you’ve read that, consider giving the “For Dummies” series a try. “Personal Finance for Dummies” and “International Finance for Dummies” are great books to read and add to your collection. These three books will give you plenty of material to work with and allow you to build a steady foundation of knowledge in finance.

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Subscribe to Podcasts That Discuss Financial Matters

Podcasts are convenient in that they allow people to choose their own content, which has become a powerful and easy way to not only disseminate information, but to receive it as a listener. There are countless benefits of podcasts. If you want to learn about finance, it’s imperative that you tune in to some of the best out there that cover the subject. Not only are they free, but you can listen while driving to work or working out at the gym. Here are a few of the best finance podcasts to check out.

  • NPR’s Planet Money- Produces two podcasts each week covering the global economy (Tweet This!).
  • American Public Media’s Marketplace- Weekly podcast covering finance, featuring expert advice and information on topics and issues that affect everyone’s wallet.
  • The Wall Street Journal- Weekly podcast that covers what the weekly financial headlines mean to you.
  • Money Girl Quick & Dirty Tips for a Richer Life- As the name implies, it offers quick tips on everything related to finance.

Meet, Talk, and Network With Experts in the Finance Field

One way of testing your knowledge is to meet, talk, and network with experts in the finance field. Although it’s not always easy to do this on the street over a cup of coffee, there are many ways to do this online. Consider joining any one — or all — of these finance forums to talk dollars and cents with like-minded people.

LinkedIn is another great place to meet finance professionals. Try becoming active in one of these five groups. You never know; when all is said and done, you could network your way into a finance job!

Stock Up on Some of the Best Finance Magazines

In addition to books, there are many magazines that offer readers an accessible way to learn about financial concepts and terminology while learning about the current market trends. Here are some of the most popular magazines to stockpile.

  • The Economist- Authoritative insight and opinion on international news, business, finance, politics, etc.
  • Consumer Reports Money Adviser- This objective monthly newsletter focuses on real-life financial decisions.
  • Money- This well-respected magazine is a personal finance guide that covers investing, saving, and taxes.
  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine- Leading finance magazine since 1947. Covers everything finance.
  • Bloombery Markets- Trusted global finance magazine aimed for professionals. Read at your own risk.

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Continue Reading Finance Books on Special Topics

Once you’ve put in the work and built a solid base of finance knowledge, you can continue your self-education into other areas within the subject including investing. “Fisher Investments on Financials” is one example of a book that offers in-depth information on how to become a better investor. As you continue to expand your horizons and learn more about the field of finance, you’ll be able to implement the information given in books like this.

Are you a self-taught finance expert? How did you grow to make sense out of the dollars?

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