5 Ways to Make HR Management Easier

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If you’re a hiring manager or human resources professional, you can benefit from some of the best practices in this broad-spectrum industry. Here are some of the best tips coming from experts and experienced HR people for today’s job world.



Evaluate Human Resources Technology Carefully

Sometimes, firms can go a long way relying on fancy new tools for human resources management. The emergence of big new cloud computing services and other options means more computer time for the average HR manager. However, in other cases, these kinds of technology can just get in the way. For example, some of the types of Applicant Tracking System software that companies use may screen out too many people and unfairly discriminate against, say, the long-term unemployed, or those without specific keywords in their resume.

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Know How To Deal With Interns

The ‘alternative intake method’ of hiring interns is becoming extremely popular with companies across the board. This infographic from HR Morning shows that 53% of surveyed managers looked for their population of interns to grow last year (Tweet This!). This detailed resource also shows why developing relationships with interns is important, and how companies can support these new additions to an enterprise.

Keep The Money In Mind

Like those in other areas of business, HR professionals also operate within the context of funding and budgeting. That means looking at the return on investment for HR activities and how to best hire workers for a company. This infographic resource from Ceridian suggests strict consideration of budgetary criteria before making any decisions that may affect a company.

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Don’t Neglect Social Media

In nearly any part of the business world, social media is becoming a big deal. It’s uniquely relevant in human resources, because these processes deal with people. New tools like LinkedIn and Twitter can really help you to innovate human resources tasks and activities, and to more easily attract talent to a company. The Undercover Recruiter talks about handling the additional work of social media to ramp up business activities. Writer Ben Martinez notes that social media HR work isn’t necessarily “glamorous” and that mistakes can be expensive in terms of reputation, but he also suggests that these kinds of efforts will pay off in the long run.

Be Flexible

Expert Melissa Fairman of HR Remix gives some very useful feedback to human resources managers. Central to her argument is the idea that HR pros have to remain versatile under pressure, and know how to change course when necessary. She also points to some of the fickleness of issues with new technologies such as ATS tools, and she also goes into the idea of avoiding a negative reputation as a ‘policy person’ or someone overly obsessed with compliance details. All of this is good input for those just starting out in human resources, which can be very demanding type of profession.

All of these ideas can help HR professionals to boost their careers by improving processes within their departments.

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