5 Ways to Spruce up your Business Card

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With sites like LinkedIn, it seems the networking experience of today is taking place in the two-dimensional world–now you don’t necessarily have to ‘know’ someone in the traditional sense in order to network effectively.  Instead, business relationships can exist solely online as friends or followers.

Even business cards are starting to appear online as virtual cards in PDF and other digital formats.  With that said, having an actual business card for those three-dimensional networking occasions is still a good idea.  Business cards don’t have to be as generic as they often are.  Belows are five ways to spruce up your company’s cards so they standout in the fishbowl at your favorite corporate lunch spot.

Make it fold – Business cards that have the ability to fold like a pop-up book creates intrigue.  The recipient is drawn in to your business as if it were a bestseller.  The design is simple enough not to be pretentious but different enough to add a sense of wonder. 

Make it interactive – If your card requires a level of interaction it will further engage your recipient.  It’s okay for your card to be a little playful as long as it still retains  professionalism.  Giving your recipient a simple task will mean that they’ll remember your card, and you, much more easily.

Incorporate your business in your design – If you can appropriately match your card with the specific nature of your business it shows a level of compatibility.  Mixing form and function is a great way to display just what it is your business does.  Ornament is okay if it’s suitable.

Think outside the rectangle – Business cards don’t have to be rectangular in order to get your message across.  If you’re going to mix up your shape, do so with a purpose.  The card below looks like it could be used as a coaster–it might not fit as nicely in a wallet but it will likely make more of an impression.

Pay attention to detail – If your card shows a high level of detail and precision it can establish the same type of  qualities for your own reputation.  Taking the time to design something intricate shows you’re committed to your business.  While aesthetics won’t necessarily make your business a success, when something’s pleasing to the eye it’s typically remembered.

If you would like to see more examples of how you can spruce up your business card, check out 2ExpertsDesign’s article on their pick for top 78 most creative business cards.

Michael Dykstra is a writer at Resource Nation.  He writes extensively about  purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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