5 Ways to Streamline Your Email Campaigns for Mobile

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5 Ways to Streamline Your Email Campaigns for MobileHave you seen the latest email research? According to Litmus, 43% of emails are now opened on a mobile device such as a smart-phone or tablet (Tweet This). Some companies report an even higher mobile base, with up to 50 percent and even 65 percent of emails being opened on the go. What’s more, according to Litmus, only 3 percent of readers review a single email in multiple environments. Takeaway Message: You may only get one shot.

What’s the implications for small businesses? Optimizing your email campaigns for mobile is no longer merely a nice thing to do – now it’s an absolute must. Back burner it and you put your business at a disadvantage. Address it NOW and you will see increasing returns from your email campaigns.

In the most simple terms, how do you optimize your emails for mobile? The rule of thumb is to keep it simple (Tweet This). Emails are said to be mobile-optimized when they are streamlined – that is, stripped down to their bare essentials. What about the cool design elements, eye-catching visuals, and high-res photos you were going to insert? Rethink it. With its smaller screen size, mobile is a different beast.

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As of now, there is no standard that applies to all mobile devices. That said, if you follow these 5 guidelines, you will be on your way:

Start with Stats 

What do your current numbers tell you? Check key data points, such as the number of recipients that open and click on your emails from a mobile device. Use this benchmark data to shape your strategy and prioritize your audiences.

Simple Design

  • Don’t get too fancy or stylish. Remember, it’s all about the user experience, so aim for simplicity over beauty and practicality over aesthetics.
  • Stick to a single column. With two or more columns, readers are often forced to zoom in or scroll down to navigate your content on a mobile device. This is viewed as an inconvenience at best, if not a total put-off.

 Simple Copy

  • Aim for clear and concise copy that can be quickly digested for customers on the go. What is your call to action? It’s the most important part – don’t make your readers hunt for it.
  • Readability. Use at least a size 11 point font for your body text and 22 or 24 point for headlines.

 Small Image Sizes

  • Reduce image file sizes or simply remove unnecessary images.

While it’s true that mobile download speeds are improving, chunky and clunky images are less efficient for your customers and can cause delays that will test their patience.

 Seamless Integration

Effective branding requires that companies provide a consistent user experience for users across different channels. Companies may invest in mobile-friendly landing pages, but neglect to optimize their email campaigns. This sends a mixed message and may cause a branding disconnect.

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One option for small businesses is to design or purchase email templates that are optimized for mobile. In some cases this requires coding skills.  Growing numbers of small businesses are seeking out mobile designers to provide seamless, mobile-friendly experiences for their users.

The trend toward mobile is indicative of the slow demise of the PC. The writing is on the wall. Over the next few years, mobile users will become the majority audience. Small businesses that plan for that eventuality now, by ensuring that all of their marketing communication is mobile-optimized, will be ahead of the curve.

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