5 Web Conferencing Software That Will Send You around the World

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Many employees and business owners spend the majority of their time online; they email even when they’re one office away; they chat even if they’re in the next cubicle, and they look things up online even when their friend next door probably knows the answer. Some may say this is anti-social, but the appeal of the Internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. As I pondered all of the different ways companies utilize the internet for communication, I began question long distance communication. Email works well, but what about when you want to have an important meeting? Many companies are now using what is known as web conferencing.

For those who are unfamiliar, web conferencing is simply a way to communicate with workers and clients through the Internet. In other words, web conferencing is a great way to save your company money on travel. In the past, companies would fly out workers or clients who lived in a different location. This would get extremely expensive because the company would have to pay for the rental car, hotel, and food for the out-of-town guests. Consider a few of the other advantages web conferencing can offer a company:

Advantages of Web Conferencing

  • This will save time because your company will not have to plan the meeting around when an employee or client can make it to the right city. This will also save you time researching flights, hotels, and rental cars.
  • Many employees have said they feel more comfortable speaking their mind if they are not sitting right next to their boss. This relaxation can actually help the productivity of the meeting.
  • With web-based conferencing, you do not have to worry about relocating an employee or hiring an employee living in a different city. This will help open up your options when it comes time to expand your staff.
  • You will have the ability to use Power Points, stream video and audio, and create other types of slideshows, and your employees will be able to see this right in front of them. While these tools have been used in traditional meetings in the past, many employees say they sometimes wish they could take more time looking at a specific slide. This is made possible if they have the material on their personal computers.

If you think it’s time for your company to utilize web conferencing, it’s time to set up the system. The most basic way to create a web-based conference is through a conference call. With a conference call, all your attendees need to do is call in and listen. However in today’s world, meetings do not always consist of simply listening to a speech. Many CEOs and business owners like to show demonstrations, walk through tutorials, and communicate face to face for a variety of reasons. Therefore, most companies use some sort of advanced web conferencing software. Consider a few of the popular choices your company can utilize:

Popular Web Conferencing Software Choices Explained

  1. GoToMeeting Web Conferencing – Although this software is a bit on the expensive side, it offers the most up-to-date web conferencing services. The software allows you to provide demonstrations and presentations, and they all occur in real time. In other words, whatever you’re doing on the big screen will also be shown on the small screen of those off-location. I have used this software before, and I would highly recommend it for any company with many out-of-town employees.
  2. MyMeeting123 Web Conferencing – This software offers recording, file sharing, annotation tools and privacy features to name a few. The best thing about this software: It offers a 14-day money back guarantee.
  3. Mega Meeting Web Conferencing Software – This is considered by many to be the best software for large companies. The best part about this software is that it does not require you to download anything, and you will not be stuck in any long term contracts. The software offers four different levels of services at different prices, so once determine what you will need to successfully run your meetings; this software will likely have the package for you.
  4. Fuze Meeting Web Conferencing – This service specializes in synchronization. In other words, there will be no delay between parties during a meeting. Most web conferencing software is pretty good about keeping the lag time to a minimum, but Fuze is known to be the best. This software works well with smartphones and other mobile devices, so it has quickly become a popular choice.

Cutting unnecessary costs is a must in such an uncertain economy, and web conferencing is a great way to help make this happen. Not only will web conferencing help your company save money, but most of your off-site employees and clients will appreciate the effort. After all, going through the hassle of airports and hotels is hardly exciting if you’re going to a meeting instead of a tropical location.

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5 thoughts on “5 Web Conferencing Software That Will Send You around the World

  1. avatarJeremy Palmer

    Great summary of the benefits of online meeting. You made a great point I didn’t even think of… Web conferencing does make it less intimidating for people to share ideas or voice objections.

  2. avatarAmanda DiSilvestro Post author

    I think going into a meeting can be extremely intimidating; especially if you’re an employee who works off-site. Chances are you really don’t know many of your co-workers, so speaking up can be difficult. I think this is something many do not think about because usually it is the boss setting up the meetings; however if you remember back to before you were the boss, speaking up wasn’t so simple!

    And thank you so much for the tip! It’s even hard for me to keep track sometimes because there are so many different software choices.

  3. avatarDarlene Christopher

    Great points in this post. Another advantage of using web conferencing tools to host a meeting is that you can use the polling feature (most platforms offer polling) to quickly get information from the audience and then display the results with everyone. This makes the meeting interactive and also provides useful information for the speakers.

  4. avatarAmanda DiSilvestro Post author

    That is a great point to make. Many of my professors in college used the polling feature, and as a student I absolutely loved it. It was a way to see what everyone was thinking without having to go around a room of 200 and ask. Furthermore, it averaged everyone’s opinions so that we could see where the majority stood on an issue.

    Interaction is definitely important in a meeting, and I think people worried web conferencing will take that away. Great point Darlene!

  5. avatarSusan

    Web conferencing appliance could help further cut off costs. It does not charge recurring monthly fee. Leading brand name is RHUB appliance. Juniper also has some add-on appliance.

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