5 Outdated Technologies Haunting your Office

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dead technologyGhosts, goblins, and zombies. Today is all about the living dead- creatures returning to the world they once inhabited to wreak havoc on the lives of innocent and vulnerable people. One night is endurable, but some companies are stuck in the Night of the Living Dead, being haunted by their lifeless and outdated technology.

According to a CEA study, 60% of the general public are completely satisfied with waiting a significant amount of time before upgrading to newer technology. Don’t let these tech-zombies into your office to haunt your business. Put them to their grave:

Pagers– Unless you are an emergency contact responder or spent 8 years in medical school, you should trash your pager. Even doctors are turning to smartphones to streamline communication and increase productivity in their work day. A study by research firm Ponemon Institute, saw that doctors waste 46 minutes a day by using a pager instead of a smartphone, estimating to $8 billion in lost productivity annually. Consider a more unified communication system for yourself and your employees by adopting a VoIP system or a fixed mobile convergence.

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The Fax Machine– The zombie that refuses to die. Companies are still hesitant to trash these mummies due to a general mistrust of online security and the need of paper trail for audits. This paper-fed communication devices that “zaps” documents between walls is a productivity and time-sucking device.  Not to mention they’re carbon footprint monsters. Roughly 23,000,000 fax machines are still in use today, emitting 10,141,264,060 lbs of carbon dioxide and requiring 115,000,000,000 sheets of paper annually (Tweet This Stat!). Services like Box, Google Docs, and Cloud faxing that transmit PDF documents via the cloud are scalable and intelligent alternative solutions that provide security and an audit trail.

Outdated CRM Software– Having a refreshed and up-to-date CRM system is imperative for customer communication and keeping track of sales information, history, and performance.  A CRM system that isn’t performing its essential functions really will haunt you in the future, threatening customer relationships. If you are putting off initiatives, can’ t pull  intelligence reporting, and admit to your system being unable to integrate with other business systems like email or finance, then its time to invest is a CRM upgrade that is fast, efficient and meets industry standards. Consider moving to SaaS or another cloud computing model that stores data and customer information externally.

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Big and Bulky Company Computers– Are you investing a large amount of money in company computers that seem to drive employees  mad in frustration? Cut down on frustration and costs by allowing employees to use devices they already own. By implementing a bring-your-own-device policy (BYOD), employees absorb the initial investment cost and are more likely to be productive when utilizing their own personal, familiar devices. Although many are worried about device syndication, viruses, and breached security, 89% of IT departments are being swayed by the pros of adopting this policy. Even further, many companies have already seen the benefits of this move to BYOD. According to TrackVia, 73% businesses saw an increase in efficiency once they started to allow employees to bring their own laptops and devices.

Filing Cabinets– These aren’t exactly pieces of technology, but if you have 800 filings cabinets lining the four walls of your office this is a good sign you will turn into a zombie yourself. With the push for “Big Data”  marketing, its absolutely imperative to invest in a document management software in order to gather, organize, analyze and effectively utilize data to gain new customers. Whether moving to an updated storage infrastructure that exists on premise or in the cloud, your business will benefit from increased efficiency, enhanced compliance, easier access to vital documents, and decreased paper usage.  If your business is on the smaller side, simply purchase a compact and portable Seagate External drive that will securely store all your files.

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There’s good news to this horrifying tale: IT departments worldwide are estimated to spend 3.8% more in new technologies than they did in 2012, according to Gartner, Inc. Companies are upgrading technology in order to streamline and optimize their business activities. Make sure you take heed and escape the Living Dead.

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  1. avatarTom

    Cloud faxing is definitely the future. It’s faster, cheaper, greener, and more secure. Services like Sfax are HIPAA-secure, so you’re much better off sending sensitive information with that than email.

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