6 Ways to Be Successful With Telemarketing

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telemarketingWhile the world of online marketing has taken the forefront, telemarketing is still a successful method to pursue. According to The Federal Trade Commission, telemarketing is a $500 billion a year business, yet consumers still lose close to $40 billion a year in fraudulent calls. However, don’t let that statistic deter you.

Though making your brand successful with this marketing tactic can be tricky, a properly executed campaign can make customers happy which leads to greater satisfaction and sets you apart from your competition. But, before starting, be sure to consider these 5 success tips.

1. Write a Great Plan

You’ll need to start with the best plan you can put together. In order to reach customers you need to have each step of the sales cycle planned, without letting it come off as so. Therefore, choosing each detail carefully will be critical to your overall success. When writing your plan:

  • Dissect your pitch
  • Select potentially interested leads
  • Consider potential objections
  • Plan follow-up tactics

2. Get Your Pitch Right

The first 20 seconds of the phone call are the most important. Therefore, your pitch needs to be perfected and on point every single time. While you may have experience in elevator speeches, you’ll want to be sure to follow few key points in order to get the most sales.

  • What do your customers prefer: Some companies choose to utilize humor while others cut straight to the point; what will be most successful with your audience?
  • Keep it conversational: You don’t want to sound rehearsed – allow your employees to cater their pitch to each customer.

3. Choose the Right Employees

Not everyone is cut out for a position like this. Telemarketers need to have two very important qualities. So, if you don’t hire for correctly, you can end up with poor customer service and a high turnover rate. But, what two qualities are the most important?

  • Outgoing personality
  • Resilient nature

4. Prepare for Objections

No matter how casual, outgoing or friendly your telemarketing operators are, objections are going to come every day. According to SmartBiz.com, “A Darnell survey states that 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact, but that 90% of sales reps quit selling before then.” In order to make the sale, it’s critical that your employees are able to take rejections in stride.

  • Post-call regiment: To keep employee morale high, implement a post-call regiment; good calls get bells, whistles, or claps and bad calls are followed with a motivational and constructive compliment from coworkers.

5. Perfected Performance

If you want your employees to close sales, their performance needs to be perfected as if they are sitting face to face with your customers. While the customer may not be able to see facial expressions or body language, it comes through in tone of voice. How do you combat this?

  • Forget you’re on the phone: If you’re not smiling, your voice may not reflect the tone you’re trying to project. Use gesticulations as well, to ensure you’re providing a true-to-life conversation; not scripted.

6. Finally, See the Sale

From start to finish, you should be confident in your selling abilities. It’s important that you can see the sale at the end of the call, keeping you focused and working toward that ultimate goal.  However, don’t be arrogant, and don’t doubt yourself either. This delicate balance will be critical.

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