7 Resources for Understanding Small Business Payroll

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payroll resourcesCalculating payroll expenses as a small business owner can be a headache, but if you don’t do it with your full attention you could be at an even greater risk for error. Luckily, with small businesses popping up left and right, there are more resources available than ever to help you figure out your payroll duties.

Here are 7 valuable resources that you may not be using to help you understand your payroll better.

1. Your Software Provider

As a small business owner, you likely only have to cover payroll for a few employees. Whether you calculate taxes and benefits yourself using a software application, or employ an outside payroll service, you can find most of the information you need from payroll providers.

Many software solutions provide step-by-step tutorials for calculating payroll, and are updated frequently with changing regulations. If you rely on an outsider payroll company, be sure that their methods for customer contact are effective, and reach out to them if you have questions or concerns.

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2. Small Business Administration

Like with most aspects of small business, the SBA’s website can provides a lot of information about calculating payroll. They include a 10-step process for setting up your payroll system and getting your employees paid fully and on-time. They can also provide extra resources for payroll information throughout their site.

3. Follow on Twitter

Twitter isn’t just a place to have 140 character conversations; you can find some great information about small business processes, including payroll. When following a company, be sure that they are not necessarily a software provider that will be giving you skewed information to get you to buy their product.

Be sure that their payroll news is relevant to your location and industry. Social media can be a great way to contact providers or get instant support if you have questions or concerns.

4. Payroll Business Blogs

The internet can provide you with a any amount of information you need instantly. There are many blogs out there that talk about nothing but payroll- including advice, how-tos, guides from experts, and much more.

Most payroll software companies feature blogs on their websites with more information about their latest product features.  Be sure to check out Payroll Services: How Much Should You Outsource, here at Resource Nation, too!

5. Network with Similar Businesses

If you are having trouble with the payroll for your small business, reach out to other business owners for advice. Not only might they have experience with a particular payroll company, but perhaps have specific websites, blogs, and publications they turn to for news and information.

6. Buyers Guides and Articles

When looking to invest in payroll software or services, you should be sure to research about the product before purchasing. Payroll services can range drastically in terms of complexity and the number of employees included, so be sure to consult buyers guides and articles so you’re not stuck over-paying for services.

Tip: Start with the ResourceNation Buyer’s Guide for Payroll Services.

7. Online Communities and Forums

There are numerous online forums and communities where people can assist you with your payroll concerns. Online communities give you the option to chat with business owners who have similar problems, or who have discovered solutions on their own.

Many forums can provide you with free information from a variety of sources. However, be sure to verify the answers you receive, as information is sometimes skewed for a sales pitch or is simply inaccurate.

As long as you take advantage of all of the resources that are available to business owners today, figuring out payroll doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you decide to invest in payroll software or outsource it, know that the information is available if you look in the right spots.

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