7 Surprising Organizations Adopting Credit Card Processing

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credit card processing

Credit and debit cards are rapidly surpassing cash and checks as the preferred method of payment for most Americans. At retail locations, 31 percent of sales are made with debit cards and 29 percent with credit cards, according to a recent article in Time. Cash makes up 27 percent of sales, but a study estimates that number will drop four percentage points in the next five years.

If those numbers don’t convince you to jump on the plastic bandwagon, maybe this roundup of surprising organizations and groups that accept credit and debit cards will make you reconsider. Let’s just put it this way — if the little girl looking for merit badges and your pastor offer credit card processing, maybe it’s time you do, too.

1. The Girl Scouts: That’s right, no need to hit up the ATM or dust off your checkbook to buy your beloved Thin Mints — the San Gorgonio Council serving San Bernardino and Riverside counties in California are now using a PayAnywhere App and credit card reader to accept debit and credit cards from local cookie monsters.

2. Churches: Increasingly, houses of worship are accepting credit and debit cards for tithing. At some churches, congregants can swipe a card on a pin-protected kiosk in the church lobby, or they can log on to the church’s website to make donations.

3. Farm stands: Recently, the USDA has begun offering grants to farm stands to purchase remote credit card processing terminals, which means you don’t need greenbacks to pay for your greens, anymore.

4. Vending machines: Remember all those times you dug through the bottom of your purse or turned your pockets inside out to find enough spare change to buy a refreshing beverage at a vending machine, only to have the machine steal your money? Kiss those days goodbye. More and more vending machines now accept credit cards, which means there’s no need to carry change or kick the machine when it nickels and dimes you.

5. Toll roads: Instead of using the cup holder in your car for quarters to pay those pesky highway tolls, why not use it to hold (wait for it …) cups? If you’re not a frequent toll-road driver and don’t have one of those handy-dandy easy passes, you can now use a credit or debit card at many toll roads across the country.

6. Craft fairs and art shows: Artists and craftspeople aren’t just creative, they’re savvy, too. At art shows and fairs across the country, credit cards are the preferred tender for selling funky knit socks or whimsical welded wine bottle holders.

7. Garage sales: With devices like Intuit GoPayment, which can turn a smartphone or tablet into a credit card reader when used in combination with a downloadable app, virtually anyone can accept a credit card payment — including your neighbor who’s trying to unload that treadmill he never used.

Learn more about credit card processing on ResourceNation.com.

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