5 Security Features Your New Small Business Needs

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Business SecurityHackers, thieves, disgruntled employees, oh my!

There are a number of ways in which your business can fall prey to damage, theft, and fraud. However, you can take action to stop these threats to your business in their tracks.

The security features you will need encompass a variety of tools that help protect your business from physical and financial risk.


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Ecommerce Security

When your customers use credit cards to pay for purchases on your ecommerce website, there is an opportunity for hackers to steal that information and compromise the security of your online POS. You have a choice over which online services your company utilizes, so be sure to use the ones that come with the best security measures, such as:

  • SSL (secure sockets layer) on all log-in pages to keep login activity secure.
  • The VeriSign Global Site Certificate, often used in conjunction with SSL, which adds another extra layer of protection to your login and transactions.

Data Security

Whether you run your business programs in the cloud or on your on-premise server, your important business data needs to be protected from hackers, theft, and physical damage.

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  • Make sure any cloud-based file storage service you use has a proven track record of commitment to security.
  • Regularly back-up your data to a remote server. In case of fire or other damage, you won’t lose your data to physical damage.
  • Keep your server room locked.
  • Password lock any software containing sensitive information.

Transmission Security

What kind of data connection do you use to connect to the internet? This connection serves as a pipeline to all of your business’s data – from that stored locally on your computers, to the data you transmit over the connection to your remote servers and the date you receive from your ecommerce site. Make sure your connection is encrypted against hackers, especially if it’s a wireless connection.

Financial Security

Businesses lose up to 7% of their yearly revenues to employee fraud and theft. Employee theft may be a problem in your business if you use a manual time and attendance system; you experience inventory shortages; there is a high volume of returns or bounced checks processed by one person; or there is unusual activity on your bank accounts.

  • Whether you use background check software or hire a third-party employee screening firm, be sure to screen your employees thoroughly.
  • Periodically check your bank accounts for unusual activity.

Make sure that your commercial property insurance and general liability insurance is up-to-date and fully covers your business and its operations. In the event of accidents, disasters, injuries, or other risks, the right insurance can protect your business from the financial drain of a lawsuit and settlement.

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Physical Security

Is your business located within your home, in an office, on the road, or elsewhere? Make sure that you have the right physical security measures in place to protect your employees, property, and business assets. The extent of these security measures will depend on how severe you think each threat is.

  • Installing fire alarms or a sprinkler system can not only protect your business property; they can also help decrease your insurance premiums.
  • Steel security doors, metal security gates, and security alarm systems can prevent intruders and alert the authorities in case of a break-in.
  • For businesses that utilize multiple vehicles, GPS fleet tracking system can alert you when those vehicles are moved without prior authorization and help to locate them after theft.

In order for your new business to become successful, you need to make sure it does not fall victim to a security breach. With the right protections in place, you can mitigate or prevent damage to your property, reputation, and finances.

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