A Spotlight on a Company Striving to Promote Greener Practices

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Earth Day is approaching and going green is something that every business should consider. Whether recycling material, or running a business solely based on the Green Movement, every effort makes a difference. One new business that has been striving to promote greener practices using an out-of-the-box idea is ECHOage.

Business founders, Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith, realized that adults and business people are not the only ones who want to make a difference, but children do as well. Mothers themselves, Zinman and Smith recognized the tremendous amount of waste that is often generated after a child’s birthday party. Endless piles of wrapping paper and plastic flood in the trash bins and let’s not forget  the toys that were just opened. This harsh reality is what triggered their green business idea, ECHOage.

ECHOage helps parents to plan an eco-friendly and charitable birthday party for their children. In fact, the whole business is based on a “ONE gift, ONE cause” philosophy where children can learn the value of giving and receiving while celebrating as well. Not only does this Internet based company promote green lifestyles, but charitable ones as well.

The service works in a Six-Step process:

  • Step One: Choose an Online Invitation
  • Step Two: Choose a Cause
    • Half of the proceeds go to a charity of the child’s choice
  • Step Three: Email Invitations to Guests
  • Step Four: Use the ECHOage Tracker
    • This allows you to organize the entire party from guests to children allergies. It also allows you to track donations that have been made.
  • Step Five: ECHOage Awards
    • Simply print your child’s award and post it on your front door for all to see. Acknowledging a job well done will inspire the child to do more in the future.
  • Step Six: Email Thank You
    • Save Trees, Money and Time by sending an E-Thank You through email.

When the party is over, ECHOage will send half of the money to purchase one dream gift for your child and the other half to a charity of the child’s choice. This allows for less un-wanted gifts, less waste, and one great charitable cause. As a result of the charitable contribution, you will be notified as to what your donation meant for that specific charity. For example how many trees were planted, or how many children were fed as a result of the dollar amount. ECHOage deducts 15% of the total raised at each party for the administration of the ECHOage website.

The effort that Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith have put into this green project is really worth taking note of, especially for new entrepreneurs. ECHOage’s success should encourage new business owners to consider greener options for future ventures knowing that each effort really makes a difference. Hats off and happy Earth Day to ECHOage for developing a great green company.

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