Advertising in an Expanding Technological Age

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Constructing an effective marketing mix is challenging at best.  It is important to implement an advertising strategy that will help your business to increase revenue while adapting to the constantly shifting technological field.

Smart phones, such as the iPhone and Droid, with the ability to run mobile applications are increasing in popularity. reports that mobile data usage has risen 89% since 2010 signaling an increased popularity in the utilization of the mobile applications run by smart phones.

In a report released by Flurry, the average user spends more time per day using mobile applications than the Internet via PC.  This statistic is comprised by an increased number of user sessions employing mobile applications as opposed to an amplified amount of time.  It appears that users are going on applications such as StumbleUpon more times a day than actually spending substantially increased amounts of time on these applications.

Businesses looking to diversify and expand their advertising operations should consider investing in mobile advertising strategies within applications.  Mobile advertising is an important facet in digital advertising, because it allows you to reach consumers in a new way.  It is estimated that one billion dollars will be realized by Google alone from it’s mobile advertising operations with AdMob.

The graph below showcases a makeup of the amount of time allocated to particular categories of mobile applications.

However, it is important to select the correct type of mobile application in which you would like to advertise. Will you invest in a paid application or sponsor existing applications?  Different types of mobile apps solve needs ranging from cooking assistance to geo-location.  Similarly, certain products appeal to different sects of the consumer base which makes up the buying power in the United States.  If your small business is ready invest in mobile application advertising, decide if you are looking for a social or gaming presence, these two avenues are wildly popular.

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