All Press Is Good Press: Google Doesn’t Think So

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GoogleGoogle recently altered its algorithm to punish businesses that have bad customer service. We all thought that customer reviews and user experience would hurt a business; but that wasn’t the case with DecorMyEyes when they purposely gave Clarabelle Rodriguez bad customer service to improve their search ranking. Clarabelle was just one of thousands of people helping DecorMyEyes generate links when she went to the Internet to vent her frustrations. This tactic by the company angered Google enough to change its algorithm in response to negative links actually benefiting bad companies.

Google has come a long way to rid black hat SEO tactics and other gaming techniques to raise search rankings. The Google search engine secret algorithm is constantly being tweaked; and earlier this week Google responded to this issue by tuning their search engine to identify businesses that provide bad service to increase search rankings.

In the future Google is looking to improve its sentiment analysis system. According to the Google Blog, “(Large-Scale Sentiment Analysis for News and Blogs). But if we demoted web pages that have negative comments against them, you might not be able to find information about many elected officials, not to mention a lot of important but controversial concepts. So far we have not found an effective way to significantly improve search using sentiment analysis. Of course, we will continue trying.”

Search engine optimization is a widespread public relations effort and when people talk about your website, it helps bolster your SEO efforts. Thousands of companies still employ “blackhat” techniques with their SEO marketing by paying for links, keyword stuffing and creating doorway pages. For now, the best way to keep everybody happy is doing it the right way.

Providing unique and engaging content, but understanding what the search engine is looking for is the best way to improve your SEO rankings. Keep everything in moderation with your search engine optimization strategy, and understand that going too big too fast may actually hurt you. This story reminds us, as marketers and business professionals that cheating has it’s repercussions.

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7 thoughts on “All Press Is Good Press: Google Doesn’t Think So

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  3. avatareric

    When will Google – or someone – punish Google for their complete lack of customer service? It is not “bad customer service.” It is nonexistent. Even the most uncaring banks and cable companies provide phone support. Google ignores and mistreats those AdWords customers who have made it a giant. As alternatives surface, customers will abandon Google in droves.

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