Android Captures Market Share, But Apple Strikes Back

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AndroidComScore released their mobile subscriber reports this week that profiles the percentage of smartphone subscribers by platform. From the months of August 2010 to November 2010, Android has experienced a 6.4% growth in smartphone subscribers. Likely led by the iPhone competitor HTC Evo 4g, Android is making a push to be the “Microsoft” of Mobile OS. This growth comes especially heart wrenching for Apple, whose platform iOS lost the #2 market share to Android.

However, Android can barely sneak a laugh because Apple is expected to announce the release of the iPhone for Verizon. This announcement comes at the perfect time for Apple; its iOS only saw .8% growth in platform adoption from August to November. “The largest cell phone company in the U.S. will soon sell the world’s best-selling smart phone,” according to Bloomberg. This will be a huge partnership for both companies, and a big step forward Apple. Apple has been known to keep allegiance to their manufacturers and partners, but AT&T and Apple have had their differences, and it seems Apple has had enough.

iPhone is seeing adoption with business professionals who are becoming more comfortable with touch technology; and Android is being marketed as an iOS (iPhone) alternate. On the flipside Blackberry is hurting. They have fallen in a very small niche’, and as Apple and Google are marketing to the everyday user, RIM is dropping the ball. Perhaps even more frightening is RIM’s loss of 4.1% market share with their platform. The comScore data suggests that the majority of this market share was lost to Android adopters.

The future of the mobile space has 3 main players, but it is very likely we will be seeing Apple and Android surpass RIM in the coming months. The market share data doesn’t show consumer preferences, as many cell phone users are tied to a contract with their phone systems. RIM holds the #1 spot in the mobile market, but it is very likely that as Android and Apple continue to gain buzz we will see RIM customers not renewing their contracts with Blackberry and upgrading their mobile OS.

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2 thoughts on “Android Captures Market Share, But Apple Strikes Back

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