Apple Ignores the Sluggish Economy

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AppleWho says a sluggish economy should slow you down? Apple keeps churning out good news as the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s earnings have jumped 70% from the previous quarter. Much of the growth was attributed to the 14.1 million iPhones sold this quarter, which was a 91% increase over the previous years iPhone’s sales. Apple’s revenues jumped to $20 billion dollars as they begin to leverage the iPhone’s success to their other products.

Apple’s iPad quarterly sales of 4.2 million underperformed analysts’ sales estimates of 4.8 million. Apple is looking to increase sales on the iPad by partnering with retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. The iPad for the “mass consumer” approach goes directly in the face of their niche’ focus but with the Apple name, it seems success with anything is possible.

Apple also sold 3.9 million Macintosh computers last quarter, up 27% from 2009’s third quarter sales. Apple seems to focus on a product each quarter, last quarter it was the iPhone 4, the quarter before that it was the iPad. This quarter it is rumored to be the Macbook Air. The air is speculated at having an 11” screen and will potentially bring added mobility to the Macbook line.

The Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is expected to be announced on Wednesday and will bring life to a new line of Macbooks. Apple has so many things going for it; it’s hard to focus on one of their key successes.

In the business world the iPhone may be the single most important gadget for Apple. iPhone has been widely adopted by business owners for the simplicity and application functionality. Only time will tell if Apple will start focusing their bite towards business owners with Macintosh. They have already converted a vast number of business (PC) loyalists with their iPhone. Is it that far out of reach to suggest future adoption of the Macs as the standard for business computer systems?

As business owners, Apple’s success is important to note. What can’t we learn from one the most successful enterprises of the modern era? Defining your niche and delivering quality products is “Business 101.” The extreme growth of Apple despite the economy puts in perspective the boundaries that we set for ourselves. We know that Apple is here to stay, but with the expanding scope of Apple products it seems likely that Steve Jobs will soon begin catering to the corporate client.

Image Credit: Sydney Morning Herald

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