Are Colleges Making The Grade for Their Marketing Department?

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Marketing is an ever-evolving industry.  It is important as a marketer to stay educated on new trends and the latest technology to get the best results for your company or firm.  With that being said, which colleges and universities are implementing the newest marketing trends?

According to U.S News the top 10 Undergraduate Marketing programs are as follows:
1.    University of Pennsylvania
2.    University of Michigan (the Ann Arbor location)
3.    University of Texas (Austin location)
4.    University of California (Berkeley)
5.    University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
6.    Indiana University (Bloomington)
7.    University of Wisconsin (Madison)
8.    New York University
9.    University of Virginia
10.  University of Southern California

So what are some tactics these universities are teaching? One is new interviewing tactics.  Between travel expenses and long distance fees that could occur, many businesses are using Skype and other VoIP options to interview. Because many students are already using Skype to talk to friends and family who might be out of state, one professor is showing students how to use it for work as well. “The thing you use for play is also the thing you use for work– a student can conduct and record the interview on Skype and later embed it within an online post,” says Paul Jones, a clinical associate professor from University of North Carolina.

The University of Pennsylvania teaches in their MKTG 228 course “How Products, Ideas, and Behaviors Catch on.” This class explores why certain products catch on and others don’t and discuss how “Social networks [and] patterns of social ties influence success.” As well as other aspects to on this topic such as human behaviors and psychology.

There are many times when universities and colleges will bring in someone in a specialized field to teach a class. Resource Nation has seen that many business owners come from California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Florida.  Many of those same states have universities that have made it to the top ten list above. Making the resources for entrepreneurs a steady flow in those states, which could be a useful resource for universities to stay on top of current marketing trends.

Although it is hard to stay on top of the ever-evolving marketing trends, most colleges are doing a great job.   There are many colleges and universities who didn’t make “the cut” on U.S. News’ top ten list that have excellent marketing programs, and are teaching students how to incorporate social media and the web to gain more exposure for their future company.

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