Are Your Sales Suffering From Old CRM Software?

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CRM softwareWhile there are many aspects that go into a successful sales business, such as the people you employ and the product you sell, you cannot grow without the right tools.

One way to ensure that your business has the resources it needs, to not only evolve as a company but with customers and competition, is to upgrade your CRM software.

With old CRM you risk becoming unavailable to your tech savvy customers, and that is when sales begin to suffer. From marketing to customer relationships, old CRM may be the difference between a new customer and a lost one.


Key to any successful sales team is collaboration. Whether you’re delegating leads, transferring customer calls or doing an overall sales evaluation; your software needs to be encourage this, not stifle it. Often times, however, old CRM programs charge per user, and can limit the amount of people within the system. Yet, newer programs tend to encourage an extensive user base.

  • Don’t cap your users: Your business is growing, but at what expense? If there are no more spots in your CRM user base, everyone loses out; the new employees, collaboration opportunities and the sales that a great new hire could be missing. Consider upgrading to a web-based program which allows you add unlimited users. These often cost a flat fee, making it easier for your company to grow AND sell.

Customer Relationships

The most important aspect of selling is managing relationships. Without the right resources, your sales people may be missing out on pertinent information from social and email interactions, and an older program may not be built for this technology. In order to maintain successful customer relationships you have to be available wherever they are. suggests, “83% of social media users have not completed an intended purchase because of poor customer service and will inform 53 people.” With the right CRM software, you can avoid this problem.

  • Integrate social: Whether you’re following up on a lead or upselling a current customer, accessing their social media interactions with the company will be important. If a question wasn’t answered or a certain product was promoted on their page, you can reference this. Customers want to feel heard – especially on social media.

Marketing Opportunities

In order to make your marketing successful, you have to plan with correct and accurate information. From flyers to email marketing, it’s important that your message is targeted and relevant to the customers who are on the other end. Upgraded CRM can provide you with the right information to make the most of these opportunities.

  • Modify based on ROI: Search Engine Journal suggests, “CRM systems allow you to marry actual sales and budget information with your AdWords and analytics data to show ROI down to keyword level.” A successful marketing campaign should be modified for great conversions, and you can only do that with the right information.
  • Target based on purchases: New CRM systems will allow you to automate your marketing based on customer purchases – this ensures the right customers are getting the right information to optimize your conversion rates.

CRM software is critical to your business success, and therefore you want to be sure it’s up to date and geared toward your customer and sales needs. Take advantage of new software technology to make the most of each and every sales opportunity.

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6 thoughts on “Are Your Sales Suffering From Old CRM Software?

  1. avatarDaniel Kim

    Thank you for your thoughts!
    Social CRM integration is an extremely useful tool and if utilized correctly a businesses ROI could increase significantly.
    Social media is crucial for brand marketing and the ease of access from all employees, will only increase communications and effectiveness.
    Social media allows customers to interact and offer suggestions, as well as allowing the business to attend to the immediate needs of the consumer.
    Without social CRM integration, it becomes difficult to access the different social media sites and productivity can decrease.
    As a member of the Greenrope family, I have seen the benefits and growth that CRM integration offers and if a business has not embraced this form of technology, they should do so immediately.

  2. avatarStanley Rao

    Thank you for sharing this post.. CRM is the one that leads the business to success and if that is only not there….. you cannot imagine doing businesses without CRM

  3. avatarMatt Ranger

    Interesting article with a lot of useful information – but too much focus on the latest technology can lead you down the wrong path. Certainly if your CRM system is old, you do need to update with a solution that brings your company closer to the cutting edge. Nonetheless, whilst having the most advanced technology is indeed important, it is equally necessary for companies rebuilding their CRM systems to do more than load up on high-tech whistles and bells – they need to look closely at usability.

    Our experience in developing CRM software at Maximizer over 25 years tells us that people in most organisations predominantly use certain key functions in their work and that many of the expensive next-generation add-ons that a company might be tempted to purchase will go largely unused. So before taking any action to re-engineer your CRM system, it is crucial to determine not just what the organization’s needs but the needs of the individuals who will actually be using the software – what will make their jobs easier and boost their productivity.

    So our advice is: don’t simply follow trends and the latest tech buzz, but find a package that people will actually use effectively. Invest in elements that will be used over the long term to make sales, improve service, enhance communications and generally boost customer loyalty and profitability. Therefore test and ensure you monitor the functions that people really do use, and use frequently. Look at the hard numbers: what elements of the system are really being employed every day to your organisation’s benefit? After all, hard statistics are what effective CRM is all about.

    -Matt Ranger, Head of Sales EMEA, Maximizer Software

  4. avatarJessica Sanders Post author

    Matt – thanks so much for that comment. It’s always beneficial to hear voices from within the industry who have great insight on a product or service. Thanks again!

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