Assessing Your Business Surveillance Options

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So keeping your valuable business assets completely safe isn’t as easy as you once thought? Relying on trust isn’t enough for many growing businesses, according a US Chamber of Commerce estimate, “75% of all employees steal at least once and one in every three business failures are the direct result of employee theft.” Video surveillance is potentially the most cost-effective way for your company to deter theft by keeping your premises securely monitored. However, as the video surveillance industry matures more and more options become available for purchase, making buying decisions quite difficult. Does your business want an analog or IP video surveillance camera? Would you prefer an indoor or outdoor system, and what way are you planning on storing your footage?

First you must decide your camera options, below are the most commonly used camera types and their main purpose.

Bullet cameras- ­The most visible camera, typically used outside and in corners of buildings. These cameras are designed to brace the elements and can often film in both color and black and white. Bullet cameras can cover a long distance depending on your lens, often up to 150 feet!

Dome cameras- These are the indoor cameras mounted on ceilings in buildings. They are functional indoor surveillance solutions because they allow for high resolution with minimal costs. If you are looking to save a bit more money, put a tinted dome cover on top of your camera. This will hide the true direction that the camera is pointing, saving you a second camera purchase by keeping intruders on their toes!

Pinhole Board Cameras- A small camera running behind the scenes of your operation. Often hidden in common appliances such as clocks or motion detectors, these surveillance systems protect your business from employee theft. The quality and length of these cameras are not as full featured (it may not be a cost effective to purchase an HD spy camera). However if you wish to monitor your business or home discreetly pinhole board cameras give you flexibility in recording methods; many of them are now wireless.

Each camera has a unique special purpose. If you are only in need of one camera you may want to opt for a standard TV camera; but if you are in need of multiple monitors, you will likely need CCTV cameras. Some bullet cameras are meant to cover a 25 foot distance where some dome cameras can shoot long distance. Whatever camera option you choose to partake in, be sure to ask your video surveillance vendor about the different features of each option.

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