Back-to-School Season: Why Business Owners Should Get Excited

Posted by on August 18, 2009 in Business Management, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Networking [ 0 Comments ]

Remember that back-to-school anticipation from when you were a kid? You’d buy a new backpack, pick out your “first day” outfit, get all your new school supplies organized, and excitedly make your way to class for the fresh start of a new school year. As an adult, late August just doesn’t produce that same excitement (unless you count claiming the house back from your summer vacationing kids or finally being able to watch the new season of Mad Men). Back-to-school season is actually a great time to jolt your business out of the summer slowdown mentality. Great deals, online marketing opportunities, and a fully-staffed office are just a few things you can look forward to in the coming months. Here are a few cool things to get excited about as the summer comes to a close:

Great Discounts. Retailers at both online and physical stores ramp up the discounts in order to drive back-to-school purchases- for example, Microsoft’s Bing is running a huge cash back promotion with participating retailers. Now is a great time to get office equipment, office furniture, or even a new copier or printer for a steal.  Many smaller and local companies also offer steep discounts on products and services in the fall.

Summer vacation is over. There is an upside to the end of vacation season. Summer is a naturally slow time for many businesses because so many employees take time off. Come fall, everyone is back, rested, and ready to tackle new challenges. You’re playing with a full team- there’s no need for out-of-office reminders, vacation adjustments, or other distractions that can bog down the workload of many employees.

Everyone’s getting back to business. Statistics show that online media use jumps when school is in session. Whether it’s the increasingly chilly weather or all of those students doing research online, web traffic tends to increase when it’s time to get back into the classroom. This can be great news for any small business owner that’s been working on driving web traffic or creating an online presence. Stay on top of the search engine optimizaton efforts and maintain your social media presence- it’ll pay off in the coming months.

Great promotional opportunities. Back-to-school season has a way of making people get motivated and get moving. Maybe it’s the whole “fresh start” idea, but creative back-to-school promotions are a great way to drive traffic to your website or generate much-needed sales after a slow summer. Now is a great time to think about upping your online marketing efforts.

Full Talent Pool. Back to school isn’t just for elementary-age students, it also means that college students head back to campus en masse. Thinking of hiring an intern? If your business is in a university town, you’ve got access to a great talent pool. To all those future (or current) business owners who are still in college: if you’re interested in a spot at our internship program here at Resource Nation, send us a note ( we’re accepting applications as of this week!

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