Basics To Understanding Your Graphic Design Needs

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Graphic design can be done by anybody with a little Photoshop experience, but professionalizing your business image often requires a professional graphic design service. Graphic design is the creative process which involves creating a visual presentation of material. Great design companies should be able to take a simple thought and turn it in to something conveys all of the necessary messages without sacrificing professionalism. Whether you are looking for touching up an already created logo, or you want to create a comprehensive web layout, knowing the basics of graphic design allows you to speak designer language.

Graphic designers come in all shapes and sizes; some are SEO text geniuses where others are great at taking creative ideas and turning them in to intense graphics.


Typeface is the process of looking at the arrangement, font, and layout of your text. Typeface graphic design is important if you are creating a branded white paper download or any other context oriented designs. Designing the look of your typeface is laid out can really change the overall “feel” of your graphic design.

Page Arrangement
A layout is the arrangement of text on your web page or print material. The positioning of relevant images and content should be carefully planned if it is content that will be distributed to clients.

A good deal of graphic designers are learning the tricks of trade with graphic user interface design. GUI is the link between all aspects of your website’s design. They look at your web design, and determine how a user would browse it, the basic emotions it conveys and if anything can be improved in your current design.

It’s sometimes important to be able to speak with graphic design companies face to face. To learn more about the basics of graphic design, click here to read our buyer guide.

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One thought on “Basics To Understanding Your Graphic Design Needs

  1. avatarSamantha Prinsloo

    You are so right in saying that a designer should be able to take any given concept and turn it into a work of art. There are far too many people out there that assume that design is all about sticking a few pictures and sticking them on a page with a bunch of words. Graphic design is so so much more than that!
    I have found (as have many other designers), that clients are always out to find the “best price”, and the best price is not always the best design for the company or brand. I think it’s up to us designers to educate our clients about what our work really entails..

    Great post Matt!

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