Best Voip Phone System Apps for your iPhone

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If you’re someone who always ends up having to shell out extra money for your monthly cell phone bill because 1,000 anytime minutes just isn’t enough, there’s a solution for you (and, don’t worry, it does not involve talking less). VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone systems no longer only pertains to the world voip business phone systems, and its advantages have now become available for the iPhone. If you’re familiar with VoIP phones, then you already know how cost-effective they can be for those who have to make frequent long-distance phone calls. Such savings can now be applied to cell phone use, and it is estimated by one company that offers VoIP for iPhones that people may be able to save up to 80% by using a VoIP application on their cell phone (Mobile Dev & Design).

The iPhone has taken the capabilities of small business phone systems to a whole new level. Using the technology of a VoIP phone system (using Internet protocol to send and receive calls), users can now place long-distance or even international calls without having to worry about the charges. Internet phone systems, such as VoIP, are a much cheaper alternative to sending calls on your iPhone the traditional way – using your minutes.

VoIP phone system companies now offer applications you can download to your iPhone which will give it the capabilities of ip phone systems. There are many applications available, however, some are more favored over others. Here are our favorites:

Truphone has been given high ratings by such publications as The Times, The New York Times, and Stuff magazine. This application is favored, in particular, because it allows users to search their iPhone’s contact list. In addition, calls are very clear, and can be made and received without delay.

Fring allows you to stay in touch with contacts on multiple networks, such as Skype, AIM, and MSN. iCall can be completely integrated with your iPhone, and works with a Wi-Fi connection. If you are using Wi-Fi and receive a call, you can easily switch over to your iCall application and save your minutes. Papaya and PennyTel are also VoIP applications for your iPhone.

You also have the option of using web-based VoIP applications (which is kind of like using a hosted VoIP system in your office). Instead of downloading the application to your iPhone, you can simply log-in to your account online. JAJAH is one of the top web-applications, and looks like your iPhone’s dialing pad. Talkety, Raketu, and iPhoneGnome are also web-based.

RingFree was one of the first VoIP services for your iPhone, and allows you to make calls using any VoIP service provider you choose. This application also allows you to make calls through an office phone system or virtual pbx.

Now that you can use VoIP technology with your iPhone, ‘unlimited’ minutes has a whole new meaning. VoIP business phone systems have the capabilities to be even more mobile. The iPhone has taken softphone technology to the next level, allowing calls to be placed all over the world without having to pay the high cost. This is great for business travelers who need to be able to stay in-touch with co-workers or loved ones.

Now you have more money for important things, like downloading the latest hit song to be your ringtone.

4 thoughts on “Best Voip Phone System Apps for your iPhone

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  3. avatarHeather

    I didn’t even know they made IP phone systems for the iphone!! Guess you learn something new everyday! It is probably a good thing that Apple got it first considering the VoIP is about to get so popular in demand that cell phones in general will not be used without it.

  4. avatarEric

    Well already many people are using axvoice, vonage and other voip provider’s service on their iphones. Now the mobile manufacturers and voip developers should pay attention to ordinary low cost phone sets. They should try to make voip service more compatible with the ordinary phone sets.

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