Billboards: Big Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Big ideas can come from anywhere. Innovation can come from interns. Small business, they can take a note from big billboards. Success isn’t a straight path and, often times, in order to be successful, business owners and marketers have to think outside the box. While billboards may not be a big area of focus or spend for your business, they can provide you with a great amount of inspiration. Take a look at how some companies got creative with their billboard placements and ideas and see what you can take away and apply to your own business.

BMW Battles It Out… and Wins

audi bmwThese billboards in Santa Monica certainly made a statement. Audi started with a billboard featuring one of their new A4 models and a caption: “Your Move, BMW.” BMW replied with a billboard of their own featuring a new M3 citing, “Checkmate.” Audi, using the same color scheme BMW had chosen to go with fired back, telling BMW, “Your pawn is no match for our king.” This is where things get interesting. There were no billboards left for BMW to work with. Instead of giving in, they got creative and partnered with an agency to launch an overhanging blimp, calling this billboard battle “Game over.”

  • Top Takeaway: Get creative. When you think you’re out of options for funding your business, coming up with new marketing initiatives or new content pieces, step outside the box. Even when placed alongside your competitors, your creativity can shine through.


Benjamin Moore Delivers More

benjamin moore billboardBenajmin Moore, a company that produces interior and external house paints and more, delivered a whole lot more with this billboard. The hues match the sky surrounding these buildings. For a company so concerned with interior design and getting the hue just right, the hit the nail on the head with this eye-catching advertisement.

  • Top Takeaway: Focus on your strengths. In all aspects of marketing, make sure you’re delivering in the areas where your business is an expert. Whether it’s matching hues or finding loans, look for ways to incorporate your strengths into visual marketing pieces.


Eskom Delivers an Eco-Friendly Ad

light billboardLeading by example, Eskom, South Africa’s electricity provider, encouraged consumers to use less. When unnecessary power usage was on the rise, Eksom decided to show the world that things could still be well-lit, even with fewer lights always on. What’s he downside to this billboard? During the night, it makes perfect sense, but the message can get lost while the sun is still out.

  • Top Takeaway: Think of your marketing efforts from all angles. What makes sense during one time of the day may not work during another. Similarly, what works with one audience or through one medium may not work with, or through, another.


3M and 3 Million

security glass

3M was so sure that their glass was unbreakable they were willing to put money behind it. Literally. While there was only $500 in real currency, people were able to try using their feet to break open the glass. If they did, the money was theirs. 3M was able to showcase just how strong their product was while getting the customer involved. As a relatively unknown company, they were also able to receive media coverage and got a buzz going about their brand.

  • Top Takeaway: Get customers involved. Your marketing will be more successful if you’re able to get your customers engaging with your materials. Whether it’s a billboard, an email or even a social media contest, getting users involved with boost word-of-mouth marketing and your virality.

(Image: Unknown)

Big billboards and advertisements such as these can serve as inspiration for small businesses looking to boost their marketing efforts. Even if you don’t have the budget to get a billboard, or glass casing, of your own, you can take the overall idea behind each of these and apply them to your business. Get creative, get customers involved, think about the message and medium from all angles, and focus on your strengths.

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