Bing is sneaking up on Google

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Google’s February search engine market share is down to 65.4% from January’s 65.6%. Sure, .02% may seem like a meager amount, but these numbers account for 15.4 billion searches. The data comes from comScore, whom also reports that Google is on a long term downtrend in search engine market share. In December 2010 Google held a 66.6% market share, 1% higher than January of 2011’s numbers at 65.6%.

Even more frightening are Microsoft’s Bing numbers. According to comScore, the up and coming search engine captured a 13.6% market share in February, up 1.6% since December 2010. Yahoo! is tumbling with core searches falling from 17.9% to 17.3%. Bing offers a differentiated user experience, but do the two search engines (Google, Bing) results differ that much?
Most likely not, but the experience may be different. Google is taking notice of the rising popularity in Bing. In February, Google accused Microsoft’s Bing of stealing Google’s search engine results and then denying it, “our suspicions became much stronger in late October 2010 when we noticed a significant increase in how often Google’s top search result appeared at the top of Bing’s ranking for a variety of queries. This statistical pattern was too striking to ignore. To test our hypothesis, we needed an experiment to determine whether Microsoft was really using Google’s search results in Bing’s ranking.”

What Google’s Doing About it…
Google has a few tricks up its sleeves to continually improve its search algorithm. They recently updated their algorithm to give more authority to sites with valuable content, effectively punishing websites that try to cheat the search system. This update sent shock waves throughout the SEO industry as search engine placement companies refined strategies. They will continue to tweak their algorithm to fight of the likes of Bing.

Google also recently launched a tool that allows users to hide unwanted sites from appearing in their search results. Google is personalizing the search experience, trying to become more localized and specific with their results. This tool is just one more thing that Bing doesn’t have, whether the data will be used to adjust search engine algorithms will remain to be seen.

Google may not be in peril, but Bing is definitely gaining momentum. Google is becoming uncomfortable and defensive, doing everything in its power to continue to improve its core business, search.

Image Credit: Business Insider

6 thoughts on “Bing is sneaking up on Google

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