#BizLists Tuesday: 10 Reasons To Buy A Postage Meter for Your Office

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postage meter for businessAnyone will tell you that having a postage meter in your office will save you time and money, but they rarely explain the numerous advantages that postage meters bring to your business beyond financial considerations.

If your business sends mailings, newsletters, bills, invoices, packages or shipments, you can benefit from a postage meter for the following reasons.

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1. Cost Savings: Postage meters can download the most current information on US postage rates and give you the exact postage each piece of mail requires. Since you’re not estimating postage costs, you can save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be wasted on excess stamps.

2. Simplify: Postage meters automatically deduct the cost of postage from your credit card, bank account, or pre-paid postage account. No cash, no stamps, no problem.

3. Discount Bulk Rates: If you qualify for and obtain a bulk mail permit from the US Post Office, you can further cut costs by taking advantage of discount rates on bulk mailings.

4. Cash Control: Most businesses don’t track how postage is spent and by whom – stamps are paid for out of petty cash and kept in a drawer. Password-protected postage meters track how each employee, department, or client spends on postage – improving financial accountability and negating the need for your employees to keep countless post office receipts.

5. Faster Delivery: Metered mail is treated by the post office as business mail – so it’s handled at a higher priority than regular stamped items. Since metered mail is already dated and postmarked when it arrives at the post office, it requires less handling time. These factors combined mean that metered mail arrives at its destination faster than traditionally stamped items.

6. Automate the Process: Speaking of bulk mailings – postage meters can help you send out large numbers of identical mailings much faster than hand-stamping. Some meters can automatically fold, stuff, and meter envelopes, further reducing time spent on preparing mailings.

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7. Control Weight: Mailing packages? You can weigh your shipments on your scale, readjust your packaging methods as needed, and print the postage with your meter.

8. Lose the Third Party: Acquiring a postage meter means you can fire your 3rd-party shipping company. After printing the postage, you can schedule for the parcel to be picked up by the USPS. No more couriers, no more extra bills for a service you don’t need.

9. Less Time in the Car: Postage meters cut down drastically on the number of trips you have to make to the post office, even for special mailings like registered mail, mail tracking, and delivery confirmation.

10. Improve Professional Look: You can make your mailings look more professional by utilizing a postage meter as opposed to stamps, and can even meter and print business reply envelopes for your recipients to use.

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So, yes. Postage meters will save your business time and money. Why? Because they make it easy and convenient to pay accurate postage, send bulk mailings, track your spending, and ship your packages. If you’re tired of running back and forth to the post office every week and overspending on postage, look into acquiring a postage meter for your office.


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