Business and Pleasure: Promoting a Product While Furthering a Cause

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Business is all about money, right? About building a reputation, increasing profit and gaining customers? Wrong. It is about selling something you believe in, of being a part of something you are passionate about, that you love. If you have started a business, patented a product or you are thinking of doing either, you are making a decision to dedicate yourself to something you care about. You want people to buy it not just to make money (though that is a factor), but rather because you want them to benefit from something you know can improve their experience or life.

You might feel like you are stuck on the profit front, doing everything just to keep your business going with hopefully an increase in earnings over time. But if you handle it right, you can take a step towards promoting it both as a business venture, and as a cause you are interested in furthering. All it takes is approaching it from a position of passion, as something that you believe 100% in. This will show in your dealings with others.

Check out these tips on how to best go about doing that:

Know Your Cause

What about your business resonates as a cause to you? Does it have an element of humanitarianism, or of education? Are you trying to make someone’s life easier by showing or giving them what they need? Maybe you are trying to help other small businesses? Know what your cause is, then play to that by finding organizations that are in the same vein. Write your business plan to reflect it. Just always keep that element in mind.

Build Contacts

Have you ever heard the phrase “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know”? This isn’t completely true, as what you know is very important to your success. However, who you know is also an important element of business, and networking is half the battle. Create and nurture relationships wherever you might find yourself needing them in the future. Even if you aren’t sure if you will need them at all…it is better to be prepared.

Utilize Social Networking

You have to get your message out to as many people as possible. The obvious bases are probably covered: basic marketing, web and media advertising, website, etc. But social networking is a resource that is becoming irreplaceable for companies all across the board, and especially to non-profits and cause groups. Facebook and Twitter are your main beats, but blogs and news sharing sites like Reddit and Digg are goldmines for publicity.

Give Freebies

Did you know that a lot of people will sign on to a service purely for a bonus in the beginning of their time with a company? Just look at communication and cable companies like Comcast or Qwest, which draw in million of people by giving a discount for the first six months of service. Even if you just give free ebooks with sign on, or a discount with an affiliate service, it can pay off in the end.

Build Affiliates

Associated companies are always a fantastic benefit to you. This is apart from general contacts you may use; you are looking at a real business deal between you and another provider, for the good of you both. You will be able to reach twice as many people through an affiliate, spreading the word for your cause.

Promoting a business isn’t rocket science, and building a reputation around your business shouldn’t be either. It just takes a little work and some time and you will be on your way with the tips listed above.

This is a Guest Post By: Jessy Troy,  stay-at-home mom and web entrepreneur. She blogs on eco-friendly gadgets, web-based tools and building your business online. Her favorite money saving tool is HomeLoanFinder, the  best home loan rates comparison tool in the world.

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