Businesses Saving Money by Going Green

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Hot topics such the oil spill in the Gulf and the recent coal mine disaster in Virginia has government and businesses alike questioning current practices.  Many people are wondering where environmentalism is heading in the future and what effect it will have on business.  Businesses large and small need to take action and set the bar for others.

While new laws and polices are being created everyday, businesses need to employ their own methods to be more environmentally conscience and save money and resources in the process.  There are several ways to be involved.

Contributing to relief efforts, green projects and environmental organizations is great way to be involved with the green movement.  Not only are donations tax deductible, but contributing to a worthwhile cause gives your business favorable equity among the public.   Proctor and Gamble for example, will donate $1 for each purchase of Dawn detergent to the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue Research Center, which are assisting in the oil spill efforts.

Some organizations will site your business as a key contributor (depending on the size of your donation), which can be a great form of marketing and public relations.  CrisisCommons, a worldwide technology volunteer organization, quickly coded an app for the oil spill called Oil Reporter for the iPhone and Android based phones.  The app gives news, updates, information and several volunteer vehicles.

Revamp Your Operations
If your business is not running efficiently it can hurt you just as bad as the environment.  Office equipment like phone systems, copiers and postage meters play a vital role in operating costs and waste production.  It has been estimated that energy consumption can be reduced by approximately 40% by the replacement of an office copier, three laser printers, and a fax machine with a single multi-functional system.  Having machines that limit paper, use less energy to operate and serve multiple functions can save time, money, and be more environmentally friendly.

Conserve money and resources through video conferencing.  Laura Ipsen, co-chair on Cisco’s Eco-Board states new video conferencing system is great for environment and bottom line, “TelePresence has had a strong financial impact internally saving the company 90 million dollars in 18 months by reducing 20,000 meetings.”

Does your business still rely on direct marketing such as mailers, print advertisement and brochures?  Explore new avenues such utilizing social media platforms– Facebook and Twitter have various green communities and environmental organizations.  Creating relationships, contributing to blogs and supporting other green organizations on line can strengthen your business’s reputation.  Make partnerships, connections and relationships with other environmentally responsible companies to place your brand in a new light.  There are several initiatives and on line campaigns such as Greenpeace USA that push brands towards corporate responsibility.

Implement SEO strategies such as cross linking, content writing with keyword phrases, and adding relevant keywords to a web page’s meta data.  These tactics will increase your companies’ web visibility and in turn increase traffic to your site.  Marketing with green perspective in mind may allow you to tap into a market your business did not previously reach.

America has gone through several revolutions that have defined who we are, in addition to setting precedent for other countries around the world.  The agricultural and industrial revolution helped build our society and economy.  The technological revolution has changed business practices and communication forever.  Is the environmental revolution next in line? If so, now is the time to take action and get your business ahead of the curve.

Dane Ludolph is a writer at Resource Nation.  He writes extensively about  purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

One thought on “Businesses Saving Money by Going Green

  1. avatarEric Myers

    I feel that changing our marketing strategy from direct to digital has not only helped keep out business green but has also helped us better connect with our customers. We have had a great ROI and have been able to spread our money a lot further.

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