Visual Storytelling: Make Your Marketing Strategy Standout

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ID-100184248The human brain processes images around 60,000 times faster than words (Tweet This!). Your brain works with sound and image, but never words. In today’s high paced advertising world, you want to maximize the amount you communicate to the skimming eye in the most memorable and eye catching form: images. Here are some brands that know how to tell a story visually and what … Read More

5 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Build Your Brand’s Online Presence

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Mar14An online presence is essential in order to reach and engage with your customers.  If you aren’t using web tools to make sure you are reaching your ideal audience, you may be losing out on excellent opportunities to convert potential customers into loyal ones.  As you strive to build a strong online presence for your business, ask yourself these five questions:

Where (if at all)

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Hitting the Funny Bone of Buyers: How to Use Humor to Drive Sales

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salesEvery business is interested in one thing: sales. Yes, a great customer experience, honest and hardworking employees, and a valuable product are a must, but without sales a business goes nowhere. Boosting sales often falls on the shoulder of your sales and marketing teams working together to be as effective as possible. With the right tools, your sales team can close more deals. With the … Read More

How to Use Community for a Better Customer Experience

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customer experienceCustomer experience is a phrase you’ve probably heard thrown around lately. It’s a result of the new social business landscape, where your customers expect to have access to anyone in your company, whenever they feel like reaching out, on whichever medium they prefer.

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Customer experience is the sum of the interactions a … Read More

Create a Buzz with the Best Promotional Items

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Giving away promotional items can be one of the quickest and most efficient ways to spread your brand message. You want to find a cost-effective way to stay on budget with these products, but NEVER go the cheap route. Customers appreciate the gesture and nothing says “thank you” or builds brand loyalty like providing them with an item that can be used continuously. You want … Read More

5 Essential Brand Elements You Want to Get Right

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brand elementsAlthough brands themselves vary greatly from one to the next, all of them have the same essential elements at their core. If these brand elements aren’t well done, they can poison the well for any businesses associated with them. However, when these elements are well-executed, they can serve as the perfect launching pad for an incredibly successful brand and online business.

Here are five essential … Read More

Top 10 Coolest Business Card Ideas

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business cardsFrom simple and understated; creative to bright, your business cards say a lot about you and the way you do business.

They can be great tools for networking and providing people you meet with all the necessary information about your business. Simply stated; your business card should accurately reflect the innovator you are.

The days of simple black-and white printed cards are over, and some … Read More

4 Reasons Why Building Your Brand Never Stops

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business brandingTo remain a thought-leader in any field, you must consistently “refresh” your expertise to produce current, relevant content. Markets, like individuals, have specific tastes, desires, and needs that change and shift as time passes.

While you may be satisfied with the amount of customers you have now, you don’t want to get too comfortable. Here’s what you’ll need to do to ensure your customer … Read More

5 Easy Tips to Building an Online Community around your Brand

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business brandingIn the past, marketers would rely on traditional media in order to send the message out to their audience. However, with the advent of the Internet, social media, and changing standards of connectivity, much of the audience has shifted online. Many companies have addressed this shift through a variety of ways, whether through developing social media strategies or giving employees the new title of … Read More

Why Corporate Leaders and Their Employees Should Focus on Personal Branding

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Would it help your company if you were known as a thought leader in your industry?  Of course it would!  One of the best ways to create a pull strategy for your company is to create a strong personal brand for yourself.

There is no doubt that you provide quality goods and services.  You know that you can be trusted to provide the best your … Read More