The Perfect Cold-Calling Email

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The Perfect Cold Call EmailID-100152158 (1)Cold-calling emails can be tough to write, and it’s disheartening getting lack-luster results after spending hours writing and sending. However, when written well, “cold emails” are definitely an effective form of networking. Here are some tips to writing the perfect cold-call email that will get you the responses you’re looking for.

Have a clear subject

Writing a clear email subject is always important, but it’s … Read More

Corporate Retreats – Are They Worth the Fuss?

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ID-100196301Corporate retreats have been endangered, especially after the AIG scandal in 2008, but has the time come for business travel to flourish once more? For a small to mid-sized company, the expenses of business retreats can be extensive. There’s the cost of the retreat itself – flights, venue, activities, food and drink – and then there’s the immeasurable loss of time. A day away from … Read More

6 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Can Handle Stress

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6 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Can Handle StressThere are many entrepreneurs – or people who want to be entrepreneurs – with great ideas. Unfortunately, oftentimes these could-be life changing ideas aren’t carried through because the entrepreneurs become paralyzed with indecision and discouraged when it comes time to actually plan and implement their ideas.

While recent studies show us that stress levels are lower than they’ve been in years, that doesn’t mean business … Read More

How to Be Objective when Interviewing Introverts

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hiring introvertsThe interview process has many flaws. It requires candidates to come in and put on a show, and for those candidates that aren’t adept at putting on a performance and bragging about themselves, it can be especially difficult to live up to these expectations. Rather than seeing candidates like this as unmotivated or inherently flawed, hiring managers need to recognize that this is actually an … Read More

Getting Ready to Go Offshore: Understanding Variations in Business Culture

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offshore business relationshipsChoosing to outsource all or part of your business is a big step – and what is acceptable for other business cultures is essential for success in doing so. You probably know how important it is to learn customs when traveling for business, such as giving and receiving business cards with both hands when visiting Southeast Asian countries.

However, even if you never meet your … Read More

10 Tips for Building Long-Term Client Relationships

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customer relationsAsk any successful business owner who their first client was. Chances are, they can tell you; and many will even boast that they still serve that client, years or even decades after they first opened shop. Long-term client relationships fuel small businesses, in large part because it’s cheaper to retain clients than to invest in marketing to find new clients.

But there’s more do it … Read More

3 Ways To Improve International Communication

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international communicationWhen doing business internationally, communication becomes critical. In a situation where you can’t meet in your office once a week, phone and online meetings become vital to sustaining the relationship and keeping the flow of communication open.

However, the chance for a communication mishap increases in doing business over-seas. Cultural differences can be a barrier and a hindrance. To avoid any unwanted business catastrophes, utilize … Read More

Why You Can’t Overlook the Follow-Through in Business

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For the love of God, please just do what you say you will do. Simply follow-through.

Professionally I interact with a lot of different types of people from young entrepreneurs and budding professionals to seasoned creatives and experienced venture capitalists. I’ve noticed that one common thread of success (or lack thereof) is the follow-through.

At the end of our first or second call, it goes … Read More

The Lost Art of Business Etiquette

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In a business world that relies heavily on e-mails and phone calls, you may need a refresher course on what is necessary and appropriate for in person meetings. Interested in how your etiquette currently stacks up? Take a stab a Miss Business Etiquette’s Quiz.

Regardless of how often you find yourself in a business meeting setting, keeping with proper business etiquette is always important.… Read More

5 Tips for Giving Your Boss the Right Gift This Holiday Season

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Giving a gift to a boss can become a tricky situation if not handled properly. The wrong gift or present can send the wrong message or even insult your employer. However, this problem can be safely defused with a thoughtful, well-timed present. Therefore, it is important to spend a considerable amount of time picking the best gift possible.

What Presents to Avoid

It may be … Read More