Should I Accept Mobile Card Payments?

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ID-100249787You do much of your business on the go. Maybe you’re a vendor at the local farmer’s market, or a musician who sells CDs after a show. Maybe you’re a taxi driver or a house cleaner and want to speed up transactions and give customers more ways to pay.

The Benefits of Mobile Payments

Whatever industry you’re in, mobile payments offer plenty of perks to … Read More

5 Ways to Learn About Business Finance Without Getting a Degree

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5 Ways to Learn About Business Finance Without Getting a Degree
In today’s world of technology and instant information, learning about any subject isn’t impossible — this includes the seemingly opaque world finance. Sure, going to college and earning a piece of paper that proves your financial foundation is always an option, but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on tuition to become the next financial guru.

With that said, here are five ways … Read More

If You’re Not Using the Right Business Model, You Could Be in Trouble

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five-questions-to-help-you-redefine-your-business-model_1334_549982_0_14072456_500-300x300Restructuring an organization’s existing model can be an imposing thought, but a new study suggests it may be just the business opportunity companies need to become successful.

In a new survey from KPMG, research found more than 90 percent of multinational companies are currently altering their business models to better align with what their customers want, among other reasons. While a particularly daunting challenge, changing … Read More

Can a Greener Company Increase Profits?

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green initiatives can reduce small business overhead costsMany brands are engaging in making contributions to social and environmental welfare, and the added visibility has improved reputation. The tricky part for many businesses is knowing whether or not their customers get the message and are willing to pay a premium for products or services that are deemed environmentally friendly.

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One reason … Read More

Proactive Cash Flow: How to Get Customers to Pay

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It's important for small-business owners to get their customers to pay.There are no illusions around the fact that businesses – regardless of their size – need money to get things going or to keep themselves afloat. This is especially important for startups and small businesses.

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Startups and Small Businesses Face Similar Cash Flow Issues
recent article in The Chicago Tribune uncovered many of the … Read More

Financial Implications of a Workplace Injury

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Financial Implications of a Work-Related Injury

Millions of work-related injuries happen across the nation every year adversely affecting  the harmed employee, their family, the economy and the employer. The financial impact of a workplace injury for a company is rather high. In 2003 alone, employers spent approximately $51 billion on lost wages and medical care for workers hurt on the job, including doctor and emergency room visits, medications, medical bills and … Read More

Small Business Loans: What You Need to Apply

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business planMany small business owners start out with the struggle of finding ways to pay for their new business. Some turn to their own pockets and pull from savings, others ask friends and family, and some even turn to crowdfunding as a means of getting their business and idea off the ground. Even still, many businesses take the traditional route of applying for a business loan … Read More

Can Your Business Benefit from Recurring Payments?

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ach paymentsBusinesses that have ongoing relationships with customers could benefit from automating their payments, saving time and money. Paying vendors via recurring payments is helpful to many businesses. In many cases, automated payments from the ACH network have lower processing rates.

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For accounts receivable, businesses that have these types of customers can almost certainly benefit … Read More

Prioritizing Your Small Business Debt

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business debt managementMajor financial obstacles often threaten the vitality of small businesses. The stress and severity of your situation might lead you to consider bankruptcy as your only option. However, a strategic approach to how you pay your bills can enable your business to keep functioning even when the budget is tight. Knowing the significance of where you are putting your money and why certain costs must … Read More

5 Steps to Acquire Small Business Financing

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small business financingApply for a loan—it’s easier than you think. Though loan applications are practically designed to intimidate, they’re not so scary if you break them down to their component parts. Take it one step at a time, and soon enough, you’ll have a stellar loan application to help you find the lender of your dreams. It may take a few tries, but don’t lose hope! Follow … Read More