Federal Healthcare Rules for Small Business Owners

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SHOP for small businessesPolitics aside, the new healthcare law that went into effect on January 1, 2014 provides millions of Americans with health insurance, many for the first time.  While providing health insurance is not mandatory for businesses with less than 50 employees, offering health care could be a good way to earn the trust and loyalty of both your employees and your community.  It may also give … Read More

Financial Implications of a Workplace Injury

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Financial Implications of a Work-Related Injury

Millions of work-related injuries happen across the nation every year adversely affecting  the harmed employee, their family, the economy and the employer. The financial impact of a workplace injury for a company is rather high. In 2003 alone, employers spent approximately $51 billion on lost wages and medical care for workers hurt on the job, including doctor and emergency room visits, medications, medical bills and … Read More

Choose the Right Liability Insurance to Protect Your Business’s Future

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Liability InsuranceAccording to the US Department of Justice, personal injury trials comprised nearly 60% of all tort, contract, and real property trials in 2005. These trials – as well as any settlements or damages paid – can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If your business is sued, your liability insurance will cover the cost of the trial as well as any damages for which you … Read More

Choosing The Right Insurance For Your Small Business

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business insuranceNo matter what kind of business you run, you are going to face some risks, and small businesses are especially vulnerable.

Small business insurance can protect your company from a wide variety of legal and financial risks that might otherwise cause irreparable harm.

While businesses may need industry specific insurance for themselves and employees, there are two general types of insurance that you will definitely … Read More

How To: Find Affordable Small Business Health Insurance for Your Employees

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Any business owner would agree that employees are essential to (and in some ways completely responsible for) the success or failure of a business. In other words, treating your employees well is the sign of a company that knows the value of their employees’ work, and this appreciation can go a long way.

If you want to treat your employees’ right, take it from me, … Read More

Are Your Workers Healthy?

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With the health care bill being passed, small and large businesses alike will have some reading up to do on the new law.  Keeping up-to-date with the bill now, will help you next year when it is in full swing.

One provision you should take note of is the, “grants totaling $200 million over five years for small companies that start wellness programs focused on … Read More