Corporate Retreats – Are They Worth the Fuss?

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ID-100196301Corporate retreats have been endangered, especially after the AIG scandal in 2008, but has the time come for business travel to flourish once more? For a small to mid-sized company, the expenses of business retreats can be extensive. There’s the cost of the retreat itself – flights, venue, activities, food and drink – and then there’s the immeasurable loss of time. A day away from … Read More

6 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Can Handle Stress

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6 Great Ways Entrepreneurs Can Handle StressThere are many entrepreneurs – or people who want to be entrepreneurs – with great ideas. Unfortunately, oftentimes these could-be life changing ideas aren’t carried through because the entrepreneurs become paralyzed with indecision and discouraged when it comes time to actually plan and implement their ideas.

While recent studies show us that stress levels are lower than they’ve been in years, that doesn’t mean business … Read More

Employee Engagement: What Will Your Verse Be?

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Employee Engagement With Brand StorytellingLook around the office: are your employees emotionally engaged in their work? Are they your loudest advocates and ambassadors outside of the office, when no one’s watching?

If your employees are going through the motions, showing up to be seen and counted, then it’s a fair bet they are not engaged. And I’d wager, further, that their apathy is a drag, a costly drag, on … Read More

How to Be Objective when Interviewing Introverts

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hiring introvertsThe interview process has many flaws. It requires candidates to come in and put on a show, and for those candidates that aren’t adept at putting on a performance and bragging about themselves, it can be especially difficult to live up to these expectations. Rather than seeing candidates like this as unmotivated or inherently flawed, hiring managers need to recognize that this is actually an … Read More

Cutting Corners: 4 Ways to Save Money Around the Office

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4 ways to save money around the officeWhether your company is large or small, it’s always a good idea to work toward saving money. The more money you save on everyday things, the more you’ll have to put back into the company. There are many ways you can cut corners and save some cash without making it feel like the company is going bankrupt.

Turn the Company Green

When you go green, … Read More

5 Things to Consider For Your Next Office Fit-Out

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new office fit-outThere comes a point in the lifecycle of every business when you look around and realize that the time has come to freshen up your workplace. An office fit-out will inevitably cause a certain amount of disruption but the benefits can far outweigh the short lived stress. Consider these points and you may find that your next office fit-out can actually make some positive changes … Read More

4 Cost-Cutting Benefits of Using Human Resource Software

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hr software for small businessesRunning a business smoothly involves many busy, interlocking hands. Unfortunately, necessary cost-cutting measures often mean parting hands with instrumental members of a company, hitting the Human Resources department especially hard. Instead, try Human Resource software which saves your company time and money. Here are four benefits of implementing HR software:

Higher Productivity

By installing HR software, the department’s productivity gains skyrocket, allowing workers to focus … Read More

How To Deal With Doubt As An Entrepreneur

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entrepreneur doubt“I can’t think of anyone I admire who isn’t fuelled by self-doubt.” says Richard Eyre “It’s an essential ingredient. It’s the grit in the oyster.”

It’s not unusual for an entrepreneur or start up leader to have second thoughts about some plan, whether it’s based on lack of market research, changes to local markets, or just your traditional case of cold feet. But upon this … Read More

Why Your Employees Aren’t Happy

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why your employees are unhappySometimes, as a small business owner or leader, it’s not easy to keep an ear to the ground and actually assess the reality inside of a business department. However, this is one of the main jobs of someone who’s actively engaged in management. Businesses, especially small businesses and startups, that ignore workplace morale often end up suffering as a result. So what makes employees happy … Read More

4 Must-Have Leadership Qualities Every Small Business Owner Needs to Have

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what are good leadership qualities?A good leader stands the test of time. Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mendela- all great figures who withstood adversity and catapulted their army of followers into an environment of prosperity and success. Leaders are often under immense pressure and scrutiny of both their employees and society at large. Some crack while others thrive. In fact, 37 percent of interviewed executives admitted to lack of … Read More