Getting Ready to Go Offshore: Understanding Variations in Business Culture

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offshore business relationshipsChoosing to outsource all or part of your business is a big step – and what is acceptable for other business cultures is essential for success in doing so. You probably know how important it is to learn customs when traveling for business, such as giving and receiving business cards with both hands when visiting Southeast Asian countries.

However, even if you never meet your … Read More

The 5 A’s of Traveling for Business Road Warriors

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travelling for businessMany small businesses operate virtually; all employees work and maintain their business relationships solely online with only a laptop and internet connection to operate.

And, even if your business depends on your office and other employees, there are still many times you will be traveling and working at the same time.

Instead of stressing about getting work done, keeping in contact or packing too many … Read More

The Ins and Outs of Keeping Foreign Travel Costs Low

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We all know Europe is the epicenter of financial turmoil these days, but if you’re heading overseas for business anytime soon, you should concern yourself with a couple of decidedly more microeconomic issues:  getting a favorable exchange rate and avoiding unnecessary fees.  After all, foreign travel can be extremely costly, and there’s no reason to spend a cent more than necessary, regardless of whether you’re … Read More

Save Yourself the Stress—Send Your Employees on Their Business Trip Without Breaking the Bank

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In my experience, the only good thing to come out of dealing with airline flights and hotel prices is knowing that it is going to lead you to a vacation away from the daily grind. In other words, dealing with finding an affordable flight and hotel for your employees, only to ask them to go and do more work in this different location, is less … Read More