4 Cost-Cutting Benefits of Using Human Resource Software

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hr software for small businessesRunning a business smoothly involves many busy, interlocking hands. Unfortunately, necessary cost-cutting measures often mean parting hands with instrumental members of a company, hitting the Human Resources department especially hard. Instead, try Human Resource software which saves your company time and money. Here are four benefits of implementing HR software:

Higher Productivity

By installing HR software, the department’s productivity gains skyrocket, allowing workers to focus … Read More

End of Life Support for Microsoft XP: Tips for Businesses

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end of life support for microsoft xpIf you’re scrambling to figure out how to deal with the impending end-of-life announcement from Microsoft regarding its most popular operating system, Windows XP, you’re not alone. Millions of business and personal users are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to adjust to this draconian move by a company that’s dominant in operating system technology. It’s not like there’s a lot of opportunity … Read More

Use the Hash: Modern Database Hash Processes

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database hash processesWe’ve already heard about a lot of the big security breaches that have made customers of retailers and other businesses very insecure about their personal data. Hackers routinely get hold of digital information that reveals credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and other crucial identifiers, as well as other sensitive customer information.

Because the stakes are so high, and because data theft can cause such … Read More

Single-Tenant or Multi-tenant Cloud Services? A Small Business Dilemma

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Single-Tenant or Multi-tenant Cloud Services?Companies are jumping on cloud services in a big way. A September 2013 report from StateTech shows a staggering $131 billion estimated for total cloud procurement by the end of the year- with 84% of surveyed CIOs saving money with cloud contracts.

Using these kinds of remotely delivered services helps companies to get around hardware and installation costs while better security with less in-house effort, … Read More

4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Office’s Productivity

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4 ways to increase office productivity As a manager, you have to worry about the company’s bottom line, which means making sure that all of your employees are as productive as possible. The occasional urge to procrastinate is understandable, and part what makes us human, it shouldn’t become an issue in the office, where more productivity equals out to more revenue. Sometimes you have to take the hard road and remove … Read More

The Best On-the-Go Business Management Apps

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business management appThanks to modern technology, business managers have abundant tools at their disposal that make managing a business through mobile applications easy and efficient. Check out the apps in the five following categories to see if you can benefit.

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Keeping Inventory

Entrepreneur.com recommends several different apps to help you track inventory. Lettuce, for example, is … Read More

3 Steps to a Solid CRM Strategy

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customer relationship strategySales teams and marketing teams need a CRM (customer relationship management) system in order to close leads and market more effectively. Without a solid strategy in place, leads can’t be nurtured and personalization of marketing messages can’t take place. Many businesses chose to use a CRM software solution to keep track of current, past and potential customers. However, some fall short when it comes fully … Read More

3 Technology Trends for Digital Businesses to Be Aware Of

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small business techTechnology is advancing at a rapid pace. Year after year, new opportunities and new possibilities arise with engineers, developers and even marketers ready to make the most of them. Businesses can use the technology readily available to increase profits and organizations that create or use a digital solution, which is nearly every business in today’s market, need to be aware of three technology trends that … Read More

5 Ways to Save on Sales Software

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save on sales softwareSales software is a must for any business. Your sales team needs to be able to keep track of calls, pitches and sales. For management, sales software can help them identify their top performers, under-performers and provides insight into where a sales process can be optimized for greater success. However, sales software has drawbacks – most notably cost. Sales software can be an expensive investment. … Read More

4 Business Intelligence Trends for Your Small Business

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Big Data and BI TrendsBusinesses, marketers and decision-makers are becoming more data driven in an effort to decrease costs and increase profits. Marketers use data to target ideal audiences more accurately and efficiently. CFOs are using big data to predict trends that could affect the success of their business’s bottom line. Sales managers and teams use data to determine whether or not quotas are met and where are there … Read More