SIP Trunking and More Sophisticated Call Network Design

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SIP trunking for small businessesOn the vanguard of voice over Internet protocol or VOIP phone services, you’ll often find something called SIP trunking. This type of resource enables different kinds of networking for calls sent over digital channels.

SIP trunking and similar technologies are built on something called private exchange networks or PBX services. Private exchange networks or PBX became popular as companies migrated from the process of adding … Read More

Startup Tuesday: Finding A Phone Service for Your Home Business

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Phones for Home BusinessesWhen setting up your home business, you should find a phone service that can provide you with the essentials of what you will need to operate efficiently, but not overwhelm you with excess features you are not likely to use.

Most likely, if you are starting a business from home, you will be looking for the most economical choice that is also reliable to connect … Read More

Top VOIP App Features for Talking with Customers

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VoIP PhoneVoIP usage is projected to reach 1 billion customers by 2017. Already, research has found that although there was a 5% increase in voice usage in 2012 (to 490 billion minutes), Skype alone saw its own usage grow by 44% – or 51 billion minutes – to 167 billion total minutes used. This increase is more than twice that achieved by all international carriers in … Read More

Do Your Employees Suffer from Call Reluctance?

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Employee call reluctanceWhether they’re in sales or customer service, sitting in your office or working at an outbound call center, employee productivity can be damaged when call reluctance sets in. Call reluctance is the inability to make a phone call, usually due to fear of failure or rejection.

Since calling is one of the most effective means of generating business for your company, a decrease in that … Read More

Your Call Center: Which Real-Time Metrics Matter Most?

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Call Center MetricsYour call center generates an enormous amount of data that can be analyzed in a variety of ways. Understanding which real-time data metrics are the most important can help your call center maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and improve customer service.

According to Luke McKeever, CEO of Portrait Software: “As markets continue to become more competitive, it will be those organizations that use intelligent, company-wide data … Read More

5 Reasons Customers Hate Your Cheap Phone System

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customers hate your cheap phonesystemWhether you’re a startup or a successful small business, your technology speaks volumes about your company. The NFIB suggests, “By investing in even the most basic technology, you can create a customer service experience that will push your business a step ahead of your competitors.”

And though relying on an old and inexpensive business phone system may save you the money it takes to upgrade, … Read More

5 Reasons Why Some Businesses Won’t Switch to VoIP Phones (and Why They’re Wrong)

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5 Reasons Why Some Businesses Won’t Switch to VoIP PhonesThe switchover of telephony from old copper wire systems to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phone systems is continuing apace, even if you aren’t aware of it. AT&T, the grandfather of wired telephone services, is itself moving away from old technology telephone systems. On a conference call with investors in 2012, Randall Stephenson, Chairman and CEO of AT&T, told investors that the company is … Read More

5 Signs Your Business Phone System Is Living in the Stone Age

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Business phones have been integral to the smooth functioning of businesses almost since their invention. Today, although we have numerous communication methods available just about anywhere, phones are still a necessity for running a business. The great news is that today’s business phone systems have more features than ever before, and a competitive market has brought prices down. Furthermore, call quality for VoIP is much … Read More

5 Best Features of Modern Phone Systems

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phone systemTechnology has changed the way businesses work. As they expand and grow, staying up to date with the latest and greatest in technology is important for reaching new audiences. Now, you might think we’re referring to social media and online marketing, but phones are no different.

Having a modern phone system can benefit your business more than you think. Here are the 5 best phone … Read More

Will San Francisco Cell Phone Ordinance Dial-Up Fear?

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One thing most businesses hate is being watered down with more rules and regulations. For cell phone retailers in San Francisco, they recently got a call from city officials.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors didn’t wait long to voice its opinion on the controversy regarding cell phone safety, recently becoming the first city to pass a new ordinance (10-1 vote in favor of) requiring … Read More