Boom or Bust: Keeping One Step Ahead In The World of Retail

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How to Stay One Step Ahead in RetailYou need an edge in business. Most of the time, you’re flying blind. You wonder how it is that everyone around you is doing so well while you feel like you’re on shaky ground. The truth is that your competitors aren’t really all that well off either. They’re just keeping up appearances. Here’s how to ditch the status quo, stay one step ahead, and actually … Read More

Shopify, PayPal, and New POS Tech Making it Easy to Pay

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POS Systems and a New Payment Processing that is Sweeping the NationOut of any of the sundry realms in which millennial technologies have changed the rhythms of life on the planet, none has been so turned on its head than the realm of sales. From the way companies brand themselves to innovations in CRM, technology is redefining what we buy by expanding the possibilities of how we can buy it. Nowhere is this shift more evident … Read More

Reduce POS Costs While Customers Swipe and Pay

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Small business POS system upgradeCheck the fine print. This isn’t important just for consumers, and those in the small to midsized business sector have reason to look more closely at the costs associated with point-of-sale systems. Retailers across the country – from small-business owners to large corporations – were recently dealt a blow as the U.S. District Court in New York ruled against imposing a limit on swipe fees, … Read More

Five Things You Should be Measuring About Your Business

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Smart Small Business Measurements Data

In my experience, most merchants are motivated by a passion for their chosen field. They start a chocolate shop because they are passionate about making chocolates. Or they open a yoga apparel store because they are genuine devotees of the discipline. I, on the other hand, started a wine store because I love business.

I love wine, don’t get me wrong, but when I was … Read More

Marketing Fun Friday: Using Your POS Data to Improve Email Marketing

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improve email marketingDoes your business typically silo its data? Do you simply not know the extent of reporting options for your current point of sale system system?

If you aren’t using customer and sales data collected by your POS to improve marketing campaigns, you’re missing out. The data in your POS system can help you segment your audience into narrowly-focused lists and run effective, high-conversion email campaigns. Read More

Using A Mobile POS… The Secure Way

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mobile pos securityMobile POS systems seem to be taking the small business world by storm. Portable, plug-in hardware that makes credit card reading easy and relatively inexpensive has allowed many businesses to begin making sales left and right.

However, many are questioning the overall security of these mobile card readers, and for good reason. Though they cut back on the risk of cash-theft, they could be putting … Read More

10 Ways to Save on Credit Card Processing Fees

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If you’re small business owner, don’t fear the credit card (or it’s many, many fees). We’ll help you trim them down.

If you need more evidence that all those dead presidents in your wallet are … well … dead, consider this: In 2011 just 27 percent of point-of-purchase sales were made using cash, compared with 66 percent made using plastic, according to a survey by … Read More

8 Industries That Have Been Transformed by the Mobile Point of Sale Revolution

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mobile point of saleMobile point of sales technology has not only increased the number of businesses capable of accepting credit and debit cards, but also transformed the way several industries do business.

From improving customer service to allowing small business owners to ditch traditional storefronts, we’re only just beginning to see the possibilities that on-the-go credit card processing offers.

Mobile point of sales speeds up transaction time — … Read More

POS Trends: What’s New for 2013

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What does 2013 hold for POS Systems?

We’ve  looked into our crystal ball (well, actually we checked in with industry experts who’ve been looking into their crystal balls) to find out what sort of new and exciting features to be on the lookout for.… Read More

How You Can Use Credit Card Processing to Identify Consumer Trends

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Most business owners know that credit card processing fees are an unhappy side effect of offering convenience to your customers (and hopefully increasing your sales). Every time you swipe that plastic, you’re charged a small fee plus a monthly maintenance fee … and don’t forget any hidden fees your vendor might decide to tack on.

The privilege of accepting credit cards costs small businesses thousands, … Read More