Top 3 Ways a VoIP Phone System Can Spur Startup Growth

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top 3 ways a voip phone system can spur startup growthWhile a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone isn’t a completely new thing, it has made a huge difference in the business world within the past two to three years. In fact, today, there are 16 million people and businesses using this kind of technology (Tweet This!).

By converting the standard audio into a digital format that is transferred via the Internet, VoIP technology … Read More

Cutting Corners: 4 Ways to Save Money Around the Office

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4 ways to save money around the officeWhether your company is large or small, it’s always a good idea to work toward saving money. The more money you save on everyday things, the more you’ll have to put back into the company. There are many ways you can cut corners and save some cash without making it feel like the company is going bankrupt.

Turn the Company Green

When you go green, … Read More

How to Migrate to the World of Modern Telephony with VoIP

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VoIP for small businessesComparing VoIP to traditional landline telephony is perhaps a little unfair, given that the former has a number of key advantages which can make legacy communications technologies look seriously archaic. But for those who are thinking about adopting VoIP in place of an analogue service, understanding the differences, as well as appreciating the few pitfalls of digital platforms, is important.

In the first quarter of … Read More

SIP Trunking and More Sophisticated Call Network Design

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SIP trunking for small businessesOn the vanguard of voice over Internet protocol or VOIP phone services, you’ll often find something called SIP trunking. This type of resource enables different kinds of networking for calls sent over digital channels.

SIP trunking and similar technologies are built on something called private exchange networks or PBX services. Private exchange networks or PBX became popular as companies migrated from the process of adding … Read More

Top VOIP App Features for Talking with Customers

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VoIP PhoneVoIP usage is projected to reach 1 billion customers by 2017. Already, research has found that although there was a 5% increase in voice usage in 2012 (to 490 billion minutes), Skype alone saw its own usage grow by 44% – or 51 billion minutes – to 167 billion total minutes used. This increase is more than twice that achieved by all international carriers in … Read More

Top 5 Must Have VOIP Features for SMBs

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voip features small businessAt this point, most users and consumers have become familiar with VoIP. As the industry continues to experience annual growth, more and more users opt for the service.

This technology has impacted businesses, specifically SMBs, in an irreversible way. By providing a number of advanced services and features, SMBs can emblematize the qualities of larger organizations. In addition to image, SMBs are able to support … Read More

Expert Advice on Setting Up a VoIP Phone Service for Your Business

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If you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing one, you may be overwhelmed by all your communications options. With phones alone you have many options from which to choose. Do you begin with a VoIP system? Should you make the transition from an analog PBX system to a VoIP system? Do you implement a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, in which employees … Read More

Choosing A VOIP Call Center for Better Customer Support

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voip call centerIf your business has a high volume of incoming callers and your employees frequently miss or drop calls, a VoIP call center may be the solution to your call traffic woes.

Business VoIP call centers can greatly improve your business’s customer service with calling features such as dial-by-directory, call queues, and auto attendants that will help your employees better manage inbound and outbound calls.

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Could Your VoIP System, Network Printers Be Hacked?

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With it’s low cost and seemingly endless array of features, there’s a lot to love about VoIP Phone Systems.

But one aspect of this exploding technology continues to be a major concern for business owners: Security.

Since it’s inception, internet telephony has been vulnerable to hackers, disgruntled employees and others who wish to gather information or create network disruptions. And while file encryption, firewalls … Read More

5 Internet Options for Quality VoIP Communication

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voip serviceGive yourself a pat on the back! You’ve finally decided to switch to a VoIP service. But there’s one more decision you still need to make: you need to choose an Internet service for your home or office.

Really, your VoIP service can only be as good as your Internet connection, so it pays to know how your Internet service will stack up.


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