How to Leverage Digital to Nurture Your Prospective Customers

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Engage prospective clients with digital tools.Digital networking equipment has saved companies worldwide up to 50 percent on sales reps’ travel expenses, according to McKinsey & Company. With digital revolutions happening daily, salespeople are able to spend 40 percent more time with customers by using these new forms of technology. (Tweet This Now!)

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Marketing Fun Friday: Setting Up a Successful SMB Webinar (Part 2)

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5 Web Conferencing Software That Will Send You around the World

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Many employees and business owners spend the majority of their time online; they email even when they’re one office away; they chat even if they’re in the next cubicle, and they look things up online even when their friend next door probably knows the answer. Some may say this is anti-social, but the appeal of the Internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. As I … Read More